Theo3 Teams Up with SCAM to Give You Something EPIC!

November 15, 2011

Toronto’s Theo3 teams up with another one of my fav’s – SCAM – to give you something EPIC. Perfect preparation for Theo’s upcoming party with none other than Tony Touch (and DJ GROUCH!!!) going down this weekend!! Peep the deets below…


One of the lasting goals for artists in any genre of music is to collaborate with peers at the highest level. Whether that level is creatively based, hinged on popularity or rooted in mutual respect, a true collaboration will highlight the uniqueness of each contributor without diluting the whole. It’s a difficult balance to achieve but when it happens, there’s nothing like it.

Legendary Toronto producer Scam, creator of numerous Canadian classics in the Hip Hop World and pioneering DJ on the revered Power Move radio show has always had the golden touch. Scam’s gritty orchestras and street symphonies have become a hallmark of the Toronto sound backing true school artists Thrust, Frankenstein, Maestro, Concrete Mob and countless others. As an aspiring emcee growing up around the burgeoning Hip Hop scene in Toronto, emcee Theo3 naturally gravitated to the amazing sound Scam was perfecting.

Flash forward to 2011, after meeting up during the recording of the Real Frequency’s critically acclaimed NEW NORTH project, the now established mic controller Theo3 would meet up with one of Canada’s most consistently dangerous producers to bang out a forthcoming album.

Without a second to waste, the duo crafted the soulful, underground heat rock that would become EPIC! A masterfully chopped sample and insightful, on point flows mark this merging of two highly respected Hip Hop creators. EPIC debuted on Live at Headqcourterz with DJ ECLIPSE filling in for Premo, dicing it up back to back and then once again dropping it on Rap is Outta Control on Sirius Satellite. Check the link!

DOWNLOAD “EPIC” for FREE at and be sure to check for the upcoming THEO3 and DJ TONY TOUCH ELEVATOR UP mixtape featuring production from Boi 1 Da (Not Afraid, Forever), Tone Mason (Light Up, Hood Boy) and many many more…





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