After not having Canadian representation at the DMC World DJ Championships for a few years, it’s taken a dedicated team of organizers to revive the brand in Canada.  Some of the most talented DJs in Canada have competed in the DMC Championships (including DJ Grouch), and it’s definitely where legendary turntablists are born.  In the age where everyone wants to call themselves a DJ after purchasing a few songs off iTunes, it’s events like this which continue to preserve the culture. The legendary Turnstylez Crew (Grouch, D-Scratch & Lil Jaz) will be doing a special dedication performance to Jam Master JayDroppin’ Dimez Radio is proud to be a media sponsor for this event! 

Want to compete or just witness history in the making? Save the dates below and support your city:
Thursday August 18th 2011
DMC Kelowna British Columbia Regional Heat
Venue: Sapphire Nightclub
Address: 238 Leon Ave. Kelowna, British Columbia
Presented by: Sapphire Nightclub, Footwerk, JayWho Productions &
Saturday August 20th 2011
DMC Calgary Alberta Regional Heat
Venue: The Republik
Address: 219 17 Ave. SW, Calgary, Alberta
Presented by: Supreme Hustle
Thursday August 25th 2011
DMC Hamilton Ontario Regional Heat
Venue: This Ain’t Hollywood
Address: 345 James Street North Hamilton, Ontario
Presented by: DMC Canada
Saturday September 10th 2011
DMC Canada National Finals
Venue: Academia Banquet Hall (Upper Floor)
Address: 242 James Street N. Hamilton, Ontario
Presented by: DMC CanadaContact for info on the Canadian Heats and Finals

DMC History:

DMC launched the DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS in 1985 when a young Londoner called Roger Johnson took the first title in London’s fantastic Hippodrome where DMC staged a DJ Convention.

It took America’s DJ Cheese in 1986 to bring the best out of the turntables by scratching his way to DMC’s first ever World Title. An unhappy runner-up, Holland’s Orlando Voorn grabbed the mic from the events MC and founder Tony Prince and bellowed the immortal word’s “What is this, a Mixing Competition or a Scratching Competition?”

By the following year, turntable tricks started to establish themselves with the emergence of props, body tricks and a variety of scratching techniques, DJs scratched with bicycles and even kitchen sinks, Chad Jackson used a billiard cue and an American football to help him become the 1987 Champion. And the venue that had never before featured a DJ let alone heard hip-hop riffs, the Royal Albert Hall rang to the mighty sound of scratching, yet to be called turntablism.

A year later at the same venue, 5000 fans witnessed the birth of an American DJ god when Cash Money flew in from Philly to show everyone the way forward. They call him old school these days but back then he was very much new school. No one had seen anything like him. There were many influential DJs in the history of the DMC’s but none more so than Cash.

During these days, EVERYONE wanted to join the DJs at a DMC Final, Run DMC, Public Enemy, Janet Jackson and James Brown honoured us with their presence.

The DMC World Finals will be held on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th October at London’s prestigious Indig02, 02 Arena.

Wow – The Freedom Writers Collective are on fire this summer!  They’re putting out singles so fast I can barely recover from one before the next one is out! Believe me, I’m not complaining — It has me really looking forward to hearing and seeing more from the team. New one from Progress below…..

Following his debut release “As I Reflect”, Progress attempts to “Spark Your Brain” in this gritty, hard-hitting Nottz production entitled “Enforce the Law”. This is a small taste of the body of music that will follow in the upcoming months from Progress, the Red Pill Music movement and the Freedom Writers Collective.  Peep the video (directed by Big Sproxx) right here — “Spark Your Brain”

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For more Info on everything FW related:

Shouts out to 4th Pyramid for this newness!! Check it out….


Scion A/V is excited to bring DJ extraordinaire Cosmo Baker (The Rub) and 4th Pyramid (MC, Producer, DJ) together for their first release as their collaborative project Sheen Bros in the next edition of the Scion A/V Remix. Their debut single “It’s So Hot” features Greg Nice, and this release includes new remixes by XXXChange, Miracles Club, Torro Torro, and Whiskey Barons. The video, directed by The ICU, was shot on location in New York City and showcases the Sheen Bros in their element.

Download the FREE EP and peep the video at

There’s no denying it – most DJs are highly competitive.  Over time there’s been real battles between competing DJs, radio shows and radio stations, and although the Real Frequency show was put squarely against DD Radio while it was on FLOW 93.5FM, we didn’t look at it that way…. most of the time lol. If anything we always saw the Real Frequency as extended family.   2 DJs (Inzane & P-Plus), one host (Arcee), and one Keezy made the Real Frequency one of the dopest shows on radio, period.

As cliche as it sounds, real does recognize real, and my favorite Freqs always did just that, by supporting the community and up and coming artists.  Although they’re no longer on the airwaves, the Freqs have been working on this album for a hot minute, and after a glance at who’s listed in the liner notes, you can see that they’re staying true to some of the elements that made The Real Frequency so freakin’ awesome.  The New North, which has been in the works for well over a year, is definitely worth the wait. Featuring collaborations from King Reign, Shad, Ayah, Via Linez, Sep, Adam Bomb, Andreena Mill, Richie Sosa, cuts from DJ Grouch and DJ Dopey, and production from Boi-1da, Rich Kidd, Tone Mason, Soundsmith, Lyve and more, this album is destined to be a classic.   Could this be the ‘Passage Through Time’ of this decade?  Take a listen and you be the judge….

Stand out tracks include No Regrets (Frankie Payne, Kardinal Offishall & Kim Davis), Change (JD Era), Watch Out (Theo3 and Mathematik), and the track that almost made me want to throw a chair while I listened to it in my headphones at the office, just because it got me THAT amped – Burn (Tona).  Um, career-limiting to say the least, but it’s that crazy.  

As much as I’d love to post a free download link, I can’t give away sh*t this good for free  – visit  or  iTunes and spend a few dollars on this album. Trust me, it will be money well spent!!

For more info on the full scope of the album, who’s on it and why, check out