It’s been months since I posted something, but that’s only because I wanted to post something worthwhile.  Out of the Freedom Writers movement comes Progress – lyrically fierce and unafraid of delivering truth, he most definitely takes listeners on a journey that is both thought-provoking and inspiring.  Remember when hip hop inspired conversation, and positive action? Progress is definitely one to watch when it comes to bringing the balance back to hip hop as we know it.  Peep the link:



“My community could uprise and we could resist once again.” 

 – Progress

The marriage of Hip Hop and social justice has been an essential union ever since Melle Mel changed the game with tales of broken glass and urine soaked project stair cases decades ago. In fact, it is the spirit of  resistance and activism that can be credited with the birth of Hip hop as a genre. However, what started as the critical, uncompromising voice of oppressed youth of African descent has been high-jacked by corporate interests and turned into a largely materialistic and self-destructive exercise set to watered down beats. There are very few artists left who seek to re-connect with hip-hop’s true roots of struggle and resistance, Progress is one of those artists. As an aspiring revolutionary, he is committed to the total liberation of oppressed peoples across the Globe.

In his first official video release, As I Reflect“, Progress mixes raw social commentary with clever world play, helping to usher in a new renaissance of so-called “conscious” Hip Hop. In his creation of this video’s concept, Progress aimed to give realistic, political information to viewers as they “reflect” on his offering. The track is produced by Freedom Writers heavy-hitter Big Sproxx, who also directed the debut video.

 As a member of the International Peoples Democratic Uhuru Movement  (InPDUM) and local activist, Progress is committed to mobilizing the community of African descent in resistance to imperialism, capitalism, neo-coloinial rule, and police terrorism. He uses music as a powerful weapon in this battle. Progress is one seventh of the Toronto super group/movement Freedom Writers. Following the release of their first official single “Wake up” and Adam Bomb’sWasted Talent“, the brand new Progress composition “As I Reflect” is sure to continue the Freedom Writers’ onslaught of top-notch solo and group content currently flooding the city.