URBNET releases new compilation series “URBNET Certified Volume 1”

Old school hip hop heads will remember that some of the classic Canadian tracks were found on the BeatFactory compilations from back in the day (a.k.a the early-mid 90s).

URBNET kicks off 2012 by continuing that tradition and launching a new series of music compilations. The latest addition to the label’s compilation line focuses on new singles from emerging artists. The series will also offer a sampling of songs from URBNET’s expanding roster, and this will be an opportunity to hear new music before it appears on full length releases.

Certified selections are pulled from URBNET’s top 10 best new music list. The monthly list highlights the best new music submissions received by URBNET for release. Volume 1 is now available digitally and features new music from Ian Kamau, Motëm, royceBIRTH and Besque to name a few.

The full release is available for purchase at www.urbnet.com .  Check out the full track listing and take a listen below:


Various Artists – URBNET Certified Volume 1

01. Ian Kamau – The Village
02. Besque – Not Enough Love
03. Motëm – All of the Above
04. Def3 – Real Talk
05. D-Sisive – Jolly Good Fellow
06. Dirtybird Beats – A Little Of Something
07. Cityreal – Passing Me By (ft Wes Mackey)
08. Factor – Club Soda OG
09. Fatty Down – Sippin’ A Beer Remix (Feat. Evil Ebenezer & Kyprios)
10. royceBIRTH – When The Music Stops
11, The Happy Unfortunate – 89 Vibin’
12. The Lytics – I’m Here

Some newness on the horizon from K’NAAN, coming next week!

Critically acclaimed Hip Hop MC and singer-songwriter K’NAAN is set to debut his new five-song EP More Beautiful Than Silence on January 24.  The collection includes the single “Is Anybody Out There” featuring Nelly Furtado. More Beautiful Than Silence also contains “Nothing to Lose” with Nas and “Better”, produced by Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic. In addition to his EP, K’NAAN’s forthcoming album is set to be released in Spring 2012 with additional details to be announced in the coming weeks.

The dynamic five tracks featured on More Beautiful Than Silence will give fans a taste of the diverse sound that they have come to know the artist for, while highlighting the expansive sonic direction K’NAAN has explored writing and recording over the last year.

K’NAAN has already made a powerful mark on the global music world with his eloquent and thought-provoking lyrics. In the tradition of great folk singers and protest songs, K’NAAN has carved a new path that widens the traditional hip-hop music perspective. Winner of a multitude of awards, K’NAAN has collaborated with other artists in many capacities, including Keane, and Mos Def as well as Nas and Damian Marley’s Distant Relatives.

Check out his website at www.knaanmusic.com

More Beautiful Than Silence EP track listing:

Is Anybody Out There featuring Nelly Furtado
Nothing to Lose featuring Nas
More Beautiful Than Silence
Coming to America

Toronto and Vancity connect on this new release from Regular Robb.  The double R collaborates with SonReal on “For Us”, a majestic sounding track off the upcoming collaborative EP  “The Regulars”, a joint effort by Regular Robb with production handled by RealBlazeMusic.

“The regulars is a collection of music which simply implies that we can make quality music on a regular basis”
For more info on this artist check out www.regularrobb.com or follow him on Twitter at  @RegularRobb


I know I don’t post a lot of non-hip hop on this blog, but I’ve loved DRU since his days with In Essence, one of Canada’s premier R&B groups (I still go bananas when they drop that ‘You Will Never Find’ ish on Hot97!!), and once he became a solo artist I rinsed the hell out of his single “The One”.

Years later with Juno and MMVA awards under his belt, DRU now hits you with a double dose of goodness. The first track, She’s Danger is an up-tempo dance track produced in LA by Alex G (also producer for M.I.A, Lady Gaga, and T. Pain). On Give Her What She Wants – DRU delivers a fresh new urban vibe with Damon Elliot on production (who’s also worked with the likes of P!NK, Beyonce, Gwen Stefani). Peep the links below…

BTW >> Lookin’ good in that suit, homie!!

I can’t lie – I’d love to hear him on more soulful-type of music, but I’ve never been one to hold a grudge when an artist wants to evolve and expand, so go DRU! His last single, “Gettin’ It In” is doing REALLY well on radio, and that definitely grew on me.  I do like these up-tempo tracks, but if I ever start to feel nostalgic I can just check out some vintage DRU…..

Theo3 names his newest single after a phrase I heard several times throughout my childhood >> Do You Want a BOX?

Based on true events, Theo3’s Do You Want a BOX?! details the day to day events of a community worker confronted with problems left and right, trying to stay calm and cool no matter what obstacles may arise. THEO3 is a Toronto based community worker and Hip Hop artist. Something different to meditate on, produced by Phat Tony.

Not in the mood to meditate? Definitely check out Theo’s Best of 2011 mixtape at http://hulkshare.com/yoincjatyggr 

For those who don’t already know, “a box” doesn’t mean a cardboard box or box of candy, but it refers to getting slapped/punched/licks or basically sonned so the offensive behaviour is not repeated.  Busta Rhymes did a pretty good skit back in the day where he showed an aspiring reporter what a box is…..


New track from my homie and  lil’ sis KEYSHA (a.k.a Keysha Fresh). I always love seeing young women hold their own on the mic, and a few years ago I named Keysha as being one to watch from Toronto, so it’s been really dope watching her overall style evolve.  Now at the age of 18, she’s already doing what many wanna be performers only dream about.  On ‘Gentleman’ she teams up with another T-dot vocalist that I really like: Darryl Riley.  A cool laid back track that’s perfect for radio, the hook can easily become an anthem for the ladies.

Take a listen to the track and enjoy….


[Video] Tona – Vietkwam

January 17, 2012

Man, I can’t WAIT until Tona drops something full length. I confess that  I’m still killin’ the track he did on The Real Frequency “New North” compilation last year. Apparently, we won’t have to wait long – he’s getting ready to drop a new mixtape next month with DJ Wristpect on the decks – look out for “Reform School”…

Here he goes IN on Vietkwam – any hip hop fan who thoroughly enjoys thought-provoking lyrics and wordplay will appreciate this one.

Watch the video.
Be mesmerized by the psychedelic visuals and take in the lyrics.

For all my DJs and music fans alike who will no doubt want to get their hands on this one, download below and enjoy!

Off the Dollar & a Dream mixtape, Harvey Stripes releases the newest track, No Budget.  Produced by Beat Merchant, this one’s worth taking a listen to. And if you missed out on the full mixtape which was released last year – I got you! The mixtape features French Montana, JRDN, Lloyd, A-Game, and more – just click on the image above to download, or visit http://www.harveystripes.com/

[MP3 Dirty]: http://hulkshare.com/cxqsj15k1xxj
[DJ Pack]: http://hulkshare.com/r5yadbldec4d

Bishop Brigante stamps the “I’m a Boss” beat with his signature gritty voice.  When he’s not hosting battle competitions or eating mics for dinner, Bish has us anxiously awaiting some new music. Here he gives a little sample of good things to come…. SALUTE!

And oh yeah, remember this? Vintage Bishop battling BET Freestyle Friday champion, Jin in Toronto.  The audio isn’t the greatest, but you can tell by the wall of hands in the air that everyone in that room had Bishop’s back – love the energy!!

Thank GOD it’s Friday, and there’s nothing better than being able to share some audio goodies. Check out some new TWIST ft. Sean Prominent with Rich Kidd on the production, called Stay Up. Exactly the words I needed to hear on a day like today:

Speaking of Sean Prominent, I also got this tidbit today: NewBreed MC ft. Jill Peacock with Sean Prominent on the beat. Take it in: