A co-sign from Hip Hop finest (Wio-K from Scarborough!), means you’re A-OK in my books. The proof is definitely in the pudding on this one. Don’t sleep on this one!! For more information check out www.whoissep.com

Sep (or SepTo; the T.o. is for Toronto) has been a looming presence in T-Dot’s music scene for quite some time. Honing his craft since childhood, guided and influenced by some of Toronto’s most significant contributors to Hip-Hop. Known for his aggressive lyrical style and subject matter, Sep has become a well-respected entity within Toronto’s urban scene.

Allergy Pills and Alcohol (also referred to as Who Is Sep) functions as Sep’s highly anticipated first impression to the masses. Intended for release on May 29/11, Allergy Pills and Alcohol will feature artists like Sadat X, Rich Kidd, Grimace Love, Slakah the Beatchild, Black Cat and Korry Deez [of IRS], Wio-K and more. Features aside, following its release, Allergy Pills and Alcohol (Who Is Sep) will undoubtedly speak for itself.

Take a listen or download HERE


Not much to say other than you have to have pretty big kohonas to pose with the full royal attire, including a crown and fur cape, but for as long as I’ve known him, Famous has never fallen short in the kohana department. Right out the gate, he’s always made people pay attention, whether they’ve wanted to or not! All I do know is that history states that when the Kid links up with Burd & Keyz (RIP Keyz), nothing but audio goodness can emerge. Peep the new track on the links below:

Famous – All Hail The Kid

DJ Pack (MP3): http://www.sendspace.com/file/kpxpre

DJ Pack (WAV): http://www.sendspace.com/file/5drqsr

If you know an up and coming FEMALE performer who is simply amazing, The Honey Jam is PERFECT for her! As resident DJ for this showcase, I’ve seen some spectacular acts hit the HJ stage over the past 16 years, including some of my all time favorite performers like Jully Black, Tara Chase, Melanie Durrant and Nelly Furtado.  Tell her to do her vocal warm-ups and let her know all about the Honey Jam – details below!!

Honey Jam Auditions – Sunday, June 5, 2011 @ Mod Club‏

Toronto –  Honey Jam, produced by PhemPhat Entertainment Group, is the longest running all-female multicultural talent showcase in Canada and the search is on for this year’s line up of undiscovered talent!   While the live auditions are in Toronto, THIS IS A NATIONAL SEARCH.  Artists unable to make the live audition on Sunday June 5 at The Mod Club @ 722 College Street, can email a link to one of their live performances.  All of the details are on www.honeyjam.com

Judges will include reps from record labels, radio, media, artist funding bodies, producers, managers, vocal coaches and artists.  Please note, there is no charge to audition, but audition spectators will be charged $5 at the door.

Honey Jam, which celebrates their  “Sweet 16” anniversary this year, continuously delivers one of the summer’s hottest shows featuring electrifying live performances.  Whether hip hop, R&B, rock, pop, jazz, soul, country, classical, dancehall – talented female vocalists representing all musical genres can take part.

Artists chosen to perform at this year’s showcase, which will take place on Thursday, August 11 will be announced at the media launch in July.   They will have the opportunity to attend a free artist workshop produced by PhemPhat Entertainment Group taking place at Harris Institute to give them some insight into the industry in keeping with PhemPhat’s mandate to educate and mentor, as well as give exposure to up and coming female artists. 

For info on the history of the Honey Jam and more details about the auditions and showcase, please check out the following websites:




Facebook:  HONEY JAM

 Facebook:  HONEY JAM


Sponsors include Slaight Communications Inc., Nelstar Entertainment, TD Bank, FACTOR, Taylor Mitsopulos Klein Oballa,Yamaha Canada Music, MuchMusic, Exlaim.ca, Universal Music Canada, VerveGirl, The Canadian Independent Recording Artists Association, the SOCAN Foundation, Canadian Musician, Urbanology, BD Jolly & Milestone Radio Inc.

Media Enquiries: 


VIDEO LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcL-gWAlhhQ 

THEO3 and SCAM – LOVE (Close Enough) 320kb
(Download) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=DTFKQ1U7
THEO3 and SCAM – LOVE (Close Enough) 320kb
8 Bar Edit (Stream & Download) http://www.usershare.net/6j7vq4hd9s1r/Love
The International buzz single from two of Toronto’s finest Hip Hop artists!
(TORONTO) — Legendary Toronto producer and DJ, SCAM (Dear Hip Hop, About to Change, Power Move show), has always elevated his sound and style with every new project he’s been a part of. From the gritty, street inspired tales of Concrete Mob to the eclectic, true school chops of Thrust, SCAM has laid an incredibly diverse foundation for aspiring producers in the Canadian Hip Hop scene. With his brand new partnership, SCAM has tapped crowd favourite and internationally respected MC THEO3 (How I Flow Part 2, It’s Theo3) who brings his own unique flow and style into the mix. THEO3, fresh off the success of How I Flow part 2 on Much Music and Flow 93.5fm coupled with the humbling accolades from Sirius and WNYU mainstay DJ Eclipse, has managed to tip toe the line between head nodding Hip Hop and wider appeal. The two couldn’t h ave met at a better time and the sound scapes emanating from the Time Bandits Music laboratories are set to smash the boundaries and push the limits beyond the average 16 bar verse and 3 minute song.
With the brand new buzz single LOVE (Close Enough), THEO3 and SCAM play a game of back and forth as the rapid fire lyrics blend over an ever-changing composition taking the listener on an unforgettable ride of intense emotions. From one night stands to wedding bands and everything in between, THEO3 delves into the subject of LOVE and its frustrating, rewarding, time-consuming and character building twists and turns. In the end, if you can’t be happy with yourself then how can you really seek to please someone else, it’s a message that resonates with anyone who’s ever navigated the rocky landscape of relationships. This song is sure to connect with audiences everywhere and inspire mass sing a longs to the infectiously catchy chorus.
Play it loud, Play it often & Enjoy the ride.
It’s just getting started!
Artist Info:
Graphic Design: Ilango www.Ilango.biz