I get a late bus pass for this one, but even late sharing is still caring.  Beautiful, raw-dog, bangin’ beats courtesy of Tone Mason, and scratches by DJ Grouch. Loving Set2‘s flow on this production.

Set2 x GRIZ x Tone Mason = a trifecta of audio goodness.  Take a listen…..



Here’s to the art of true freestyle rhymes and battle rap! This edition features the first female vs. female to hit KOTD – see the details for all the competitors below.  If you can’t make it to the show in person, you can get it LIVE at home by checking out

KOTD and Drake present massive international battle rap festival “World Domination 4”


This August, King of the Dot marks its five-year anniversary with a massive event featuring dozens of battle rappers competing from countries around the world, including Canada, the United States, the Philippines, Australia, England, and South Africa. The annual event will be the biggest ever this year, as KOTD cements its reputation as the international battle rap leader with a global fanbase. World Domination is the battle culture’s marquee event, bringing in the biggest and best from around the globe to compete on the Toronto stage for a live crowd and hundreds of thousands more watching online.

One fan who is clearly impressed with the lineup: rap superstar Drake. His brand is sponsoring the event and he’ll be on stage co-hosting the battles.

Friday, August 23 – WD Day 1 at The Opera House 6 pm – 2 am
Saturday, August 24 – WD Day 2 at The Opera House 6 pm – 2 am
Sunday, August 25 – WD Day 3 at Aria nightclub from 7 pm – 2 am


The Opera House, 735 Queen St E (at Broadview), Toronto, ON

POUND FOR POUND KOTD has partnered with The Covenant House Toronto to offer assistance to those in need. Our goal is to raise 10,000 pounds of food in 2013. Bring non-perishable food, clothing, or monetary donations to the event to help.

Here’s what you need to know about the battles:

Arcane vs Pat Stay (main event – KOTD title match)
Pat Stay, the hero-turned-heel-turned-hero again, is seen by most fans as Canada’s best battle rapper. For years, the Nova Scotia heavyweight stated he wasn’t interested in a title shot, but has finally stepped up as the Number 1 contender. As the current KOTD champion, Arcane has a lot to prove after all the accusations thrown at him by Dizaster in his last battle. Still, his reputation as a giant killer is unquestionable after wins over some of the league’s biggest names.
Dizaster vs Arsonal (main event)
The rematch that had to happen. This battle started as a main event at Grind Time’s Massacre of the Bay in California in 2010, but was stopped after one round when the venue shut down and kicked everyone out. There was an attempt to finish outside the club but the police intervened. Now, after three years, the rivalry between two of the world’s most popular and most electrifying MCs will finally be settled on a Toronto stage.

Bonnie Godiva vs Young Gattas The first female versus female battle to go down at a Toronto KOTD event will feature two MCs who have dispelled the myth that battle rap is only for men. Indiana’s Young Gattas hasn’t battled much since her Grind Time glory days, but now it seems that in New York’s Bonnie Godiva, there’s finally some female talent that can give her a run for her money.

Charron vs Shotgun Suge
This unexpected match-up is a true David versus Goliath battle, the kind that could only happen in KOTD. Charron is the 21-year-old Ottawa phenom who recently became champion on BET’s 106 & Park Freestyle Friday. Now he’s toured with Wu-Tang members Method Man and Ghostface Killah. Don’t let his demeanor fool you – he’s a killer in the ring. Shotgun Suge is literally one of the biggest battle rappers ever. The New Jersey street rapper’s massive size and aggression are enough to intimidate even the most seasoned opponents.

Hollohan vs Charlie Clips
After a long hiatus from the scene, Hollohan returns to face the opponent he was supposed to battle at Vengeance 2. Still a fan favourite despite his absence, expectations are high for Hollohan’s return to the ring. One of New York’s most popular battlers, Charlie Clips returns to Toronto to finally settle the score with Hollohan. The one round he spat at Vengeance 2 was just a taste of how great this battle could be.

Loe Pesci vs Daylyt Daylyt has put on several of the most talked-about performances of the year so far. He’d already donned a skimask, a KKK hood and a Jesus outfit in battles before stripping down to a loincloth in a battle in the U.K. All of battle rap will be watching to see what he does next. Seen by many as one of KOTD’s best, Montreal’s Loe Pesci hasn’t been around the scene as much lately, concentrating more on making music. Still, he’s found time to beat two former KOTD champions in his last two battles for the league.

JC vs 100 Bulletz
100 Bulletz is one of battle rap’s biggest success stories. In less than two years, he’s risen from obscurity to global recognition. A standout performance at WD4 would give him even more momentum after his win over The Saurus in the U.K.’s Don’t Flop league. JC is one of the most highly praised battlers in the U.S. His delivery and writing are always on point, and he brings enough personality to move the crowd with almost every line. This will be his third appearance in KOTD but his first time battling in Toronto.

The Saurus vs Loonie
When someone gets around to making a Battle Rap Hall of Fame, The Saurus is sure to be one of the first inductees. He’s one of the only MCs to lead the pack in both the freestyle and written eras of battle rap, and continues to put on impressive performances against heavyweights and up-and-comers alike. Loonie, from the Philippines, is the most viewed battle rapper of all time on YouTube. His massive popularity in his home country has translated into more than 60 million views in only 13 battles. This will only be his second time battling in English, and his first battle for KOTD.

Pass vs Osa Osa’s last battle – against Sonny Bamboo at last year’s World Domination – was arguably his best yet. Osa is one of the most underrated battlers out there, and he’s clearly one of the best writers in KOTD. Despite being a lawyer, he’s able to rap about blunts and warfare without seeming inauthentic. Pitting him against his toughest opponent to date could make for an instant classic. Fresh Coast veteran Pass is a reality-check guy. There’s nothing he loves better than explaining why his opponents are frauds. He’s been on a killing spree for years against skilled, but mostly low-profile opponents.

Real Deal vs Rone
It’s shocking these two veteran MCs from Pennsylvania have yet to face each other. Hailing from Pittsburgh, Real Deal is the self-proclaimed “working man’s MC,” who’s known for using creative angles to break down opponents. This will be his fifth KOTD battle, and Rone could be his toughest Toronto battle to date. Rone is a highly charismatic battler from Philadelphia who deploys an intricate flow and biting humour. At last year’s World Domination, he made light work of Protege.

Deffinition vs PH Tension is sure to be high for this one, as it has history from last World Domination, where the two battlers didn’t get along at the hotel after the event. Deffinition is returning to Toronto for the fourth time, having appeared in every World Domination event. The Newcastle, England rapper’s charismatic performances and dark sense of humour have made him a crowd favourite.  PH has been repping Brooklyn as an MC since before most of today’s battlers had even heard their first hip-hop album. The veteran’s list of opponents is basically a who’s who of battle rap’s elite, including Dizaster, The Saurus and Dumbfoundead.

Cortez vs Tycoon Tax This battle pits a respected veteran against a hungry up-and-comer. Cortez is widely viewed as one of New York City’s top battlers. In his two previous KOTD battles, versus Dizaster and Hollohan, Cortez has been the consummate professional, ready to skewer both opponents with searing intensity. Tycoon Tax has never faced a battler of Cortez’s caliber, but the Toronto native is quickly emerging as one of KOTD’s best young talents, and given this golden opportunity, he likely won’t disappoint.

J Pro vs Anygma Expect heavy punches from this match-up. J Pro is a veteran MC from Oxnard, California, who re-emerged on the battle scene last year and quickly rose through the ranks. His style is loud, with heavy and relentless punch lines. Anygma is the founder of Flip Top, a Philippines battle league that is the world’s most popular by YouTube views. He’s a respectable battler in his own right too, and has become a mainstay at past World Domination events.

Uno Lavoz vs Purpose If there’s a big battle event going down, chances are Uno Lavoz will be in attendance. The Philadelphia-based MC has scores of battles on his résumé, and his singular brand of humour has made him a crowd favourite across the globe. Purpose has experience dating back to the freestyle era of Scribble Jam, where he battled as a teenager. The Adelaide, Australia native has loads of battles in the Got Beef? battle league, and has faced off against the likes of The Saurus and Dirtbag Dan.

Miracle vs Youthoracle Youthoracle is a newer U.K. rapper who doesn’t get the credit he’s due from most North American fans. That should change after they hear his effortless flow and see his confidence on stage. It’s those qualities that earned him a spot on the WD4 card for his first KOTD battle. Halifax’s Miracle got his start battling in the East Coast’s Elements League in 2009, along with Pat Stay. He’s returning after a couple years away from the scene, but he won’t be out of place at an event that showcases some of Canada’s best battle MCs. Miracle is massively charismatic and attacks his opponents directly by mixing comedy with derision.

Protege vs Tantrum
Tantrum was part of the first crop of battle MCs to herald in the modern era of battle rap. His epic 2008 battle with Dumbfoundead is often pointed to as the clash that changed everything. In recent years, he’s set himself apart with a viciously aggressive style and some of the most cutting breakdowns of his opponents’ characters. Making his third World Domination appearance, Protege stands out as one of the doper MCs to come out of the Philippines. The talented rapper got into the scene in 2002 and won several freestyle competitions before starting in the Flip Top league in 2010. He’s faced off against some of the world’s best, including a recent win over Manaz in Australia.

Pigsty vs Gin I With only a couple official KOTD battles under his belt, Pigsty has emerged as the hottest talent in the Vancouver division… Not bad for a guy who got his start trolling on battle rap forums. Born in Namibia but now based in Johannesburg, Gin I is the founder of Scrambles 4 Money and could help put his South African league on the global battle rap map with an impressive performance at World Domination.



TORONTO –  The Honey Jam Canada Concert, celebrates its 18th anniversary at the Mod Club Theatre in Toronto (722 College Street) on Thursday, August 15, 2013.  Hosted by MuchMusic’s Lauren Toyota, the 2013 edition promises to deliver a night of exciting live entertainment with a diverse group of artists who were introduced at the recent launch – check out video highlights HERE

The lineup includes 20 artists from Nova Scotia, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and London representing pop, hip hop, r&b, soul, blues, rock and more.  Go to and click on “2013 Artists” to see more info on the artists performing this year.

Tickets are available now online at or from Play de Record located at 357A Yonge Street.  Only $20 in advance, $25 at the door.  Proceeds support YWCA Toronto’s programmes for women & girls.

Sponsored by:  Slaight Music, Factor, TD, the Barbados Tourism Authority, Nelstar, Universal Music Canada, Flow 93.5, Canadian Musician, Much Music, Urbanology Magazine,, Yamaha Canada and OMDC


Honey Jam is an all female artist showcase and developmental initiative produced by non-profit organization PhemPhat Entertainment Group since 1995.  Along with producing the concert, they also provide opportunities to the artists including workshops on Songwriting, Media Training, and Vocal/Performance, one-on-one vocal training with celebrity coach Elaine Overholt, having a track featured on the Honey Jam compilation CD and a one hour A&R consultation session from Universal Music.
Additionally, one lucky artist will receive:

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Honey Jam also promotes and raises funds for women’s charities, with Proceeds from this year’s show to support YWCA Toronto’s programs for women and girls.

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