Shouts out to my girl Jessica Kaya. With a sexy raspy voice and overall coolness, she’s already provided some vocals to the work of her sister Eternia, among others. So dope that she’s stepping out and making her own mark, and I love the rawness of the recordings. The intro, ‘Music’ makes you feel like you’re eavesdropping on a sexy conversation between two people- seriously!! Every track is most definitely worth taking in and will be appreciated by lovers of grown folk music…. At some point, I’d love to see her perform this live with nothing but a mic, a piano and a spotlight.  Peep the link and take a listen!!


Toronto songstress, Jessica Kaya, finally releases her “IMPERFECTIONS EP,” a collection of raw, unmastered drafts and demos that are being released “as is”, brought to you by TheLoveInUs Collective. The talented singer-songwriter, Jessica Kaya, has appeared as a guest on various projects such as the track “Heavy” featuring Rich Kidd and Richie Hennessy, as well as lending her signature sound to the track “Love,” the video single from her sister Eternia’s Juno-nominated album “It’s Called Life” (Urbnet Records, 2005) and “Played Out” on Eternia & MoSS’s Juno-nominated “AT LAST” (Fat Beats Records, 2010).

She is now preparing to break out on her own and now you have the pleasure of getting to know this super talented artist.


New School Cool is Logik Dat Lad’s debut EP – I’m SOOOOOO loving the artwork on the cover!!!!  Available now for download at, the project is fresh, playful and seductive. Somewhere between the poetic tendencies of Lupe Fiasco and the witty brashness of Wiz Khalifa is New School Cool and Logik Dat Lad.

“If I did this right, it’ll get you ready for a party, give you something to think about and at the same time, leave you wanting more from me,” says Logik.

Recorded over the last year, the majority of the EP is produced by Rich Kidd and quite simply sounds like a good time. The eclectic list of features also includes The Mad Poet, Rochelle Jordan, Flex, King Cut & Duch Dillinger.

Lead by 2010’s single “Break A Sweat,” each song on New School Cool competes for a rewind. The diversity of sounds collectively creates a vibrant, ambitious, energy that mirrors Logik’s personality. Logik invites you to take a chance on him as a new artist and experience his side ofcool.

For more information please contact

Toronto based Reema Major is one of the most talked about young MCs to come out of the city in a minute.  She had her first radio interview on DD Radio last year (yes – I gotta stake the claim that we were first!! LOL), and completely wow’d the audience at last year’s Honey Jam performance.  The fact that she’s been the buzz word on the lips of DJs, trendsetters and industry legends such as Gene Simmons (yes, THAT Gene Simmons) only adds to that mystique.  Her whole style, aura and stage presence further proves that she has a pretty smart team working with her – shouts out to G7!

When I heard the track was called Ghetto Kids I immediately thought it was a song about my childhood (don’t judge), but Reema’s spit is pretty tight considering she hasn’t even hit her Sweet 16 (which would be a dope name for a track – just putting it out there).  I kinda cringed when she said the line about puffing Century Sams in the crib, but overall Ghetto Kids can definitely hold its own against just about any club track on the radio.

Let’s face it, if she’s this sick now and she’s ONLY 15 years old, you’d better get ready for a MAJOR takeover over the next few years (or less!)….  If you haven’t gotten up to speed with Reema – get to work!! Peep the link for the mixtape for Reema Major’s 15 Going on 25 and find out why this chick should NOT be slept on.  Enjoy the new track…

Reema Major – Ghetto Kids

Not like Weezy needs any more exposure but my youngest son is about the same age as  Lil’ Wayne in this pic, so I couldn’t help but think – is this what his momma had in mind?  I fell in love with the pic (um, minus the tats – lol), and definitely wanted to share this image — the cover of Mr. Carter’s upcoming album.  At the end of the day he’s rich enough to have women left and right plotting how they can catch some of his super sperm and live on that child support (no judgement) – even though he said in a recent interview with Hot 97 that he has no plans of having any more kids….. hmmmmm, I guess they’ll have to think of a Plan B.

Along with working on a rock album and doing guest appearances on mixtape tracks all over the place, Lil’ Wayne is prepping for the release of The Carter IV, follow up of course to the monster successful Carter III.  Anticipated release date is June 21st 28th – pushed back dammit!, and I’m sure there will be plenty of bangers you’ll be hearing throughout the rest of the summer. And at least 1 or 2 being blasted from a float at Caribana – go Toronto!!


“The best drug of all? Motivation!” — Rich Kidd, Light It Up

Seeing that it’s 4/20, it makes perfect sense that Toronto’s Rich Kidd would release some audio kush, right?? Rich teams up once again with Scam to create Light It Up, perfect for those late night smoke listening sessions. The two did a joint effort (no pun) to remake the classic Toronto hip hop track, Boiling Point a few months ago, and that certainly didn’t disappoint. You already know that anything Rich Kidd touches is fire, and the collabo with Scam just solidifies it. So just spark it — Puff, Puff, Pass & ENJOY!!

Light It Up – Rich Kidd (Prod. by Scam):

Did your mom ever warn you about staying away from  the “quiet” ones??  I met Via Linez about 2 years ago at a video shoot for Theo3 (coincidentally!!)… Mad cool and pretty quiet – I thought – but then I heard his spit, and it was just ridiculous!  Lyrically adept, he’s a perfect match for Theo3 in this track produced by Phat Tony. The two MCs go toe-to-toe in Sub Me In – and if you don’t celebrate 4/20 the traditional way, this track is the perfect way to get lifted… naturally!!
“Sub Me In” – Via Linez feat. Theo 3
(Production by Phat Tony AKA BIG Tweeze)
LISTEN & Download: Me In
“Sub me in!”….Canada’s 2011 Stylus Award Nominee Via Linez ‘tags up’ (no pun intended), with fellow Toronto based Emcee extraordinaire Theology 3 (DJ Eclipse’s Sleeper single of 2010).

With the upcoming release of Via’s long-awaited Full Length LP/Mixtape “Met Expectations”, yet another dope Single from his project is leaked. 

‘Sub Me In’ is that classic back-and-forth rawness you’d expect from these two when connected. With dapper production assisted by renowned radio personality Big Tweeze AKA Phat Tony, the trio birth instant vintage.

THE NEW LP/Mixtape “Met Expectations” due 2nd Qtr of 2011.  The LP will feature heavy hitter production from Lyve, Phat Tony, Royce Birth, Tone Mason, and Big Sproxx.

Also be sure to peep the previously released Singles from Via’s upcoming project below:

“Full-Time Squares” (Prod. LYVE –

“Yesterdays Paper” feat PIG. (Prod. TONE MASON)
For More Info:

 If you work at a bullsh*t day job like several artists and DJs on the grind, it’s great when you finally get some recognition, and know that you’re appreciated. This goes out to all the people with ambition and purpose!!  Shouts to Adam Bomb for delivering more fire and if you’ve been sleeping on this MC -> WAKE UP!!  I heard through the grapevine that he has some pretty big collabo joints coming up.  Big ups to the Freedom Writers Collective… big tings soon come!!

“My Full Timers, Part Timers, 9 to 5’ers, All Nighters, Never let em make you think that you’re second class MY PEOPLE!”

– Adam Bomb

In every job there is honour, no matter how grand or menial the task. Some employers will attempt to twist this concept into their own desired outcomes and needs, but as a general thought this rings true for millions of people who undertake their daily work each day, all year round, unfailingly. With his Brand New release ‘My People‘, Toronto based emcee and Freedom Writers/Empire member Adam Bomb celebrates the resilience, dedication and heart possesed by workers in all walks of life. From the ticket takers in movie theatre lobbies to the nurses in overcrowded hospitals, everyone is on a path to progression even if their current job is just a stepping stone to greater things.

As an emcee, a job that hordes of aspiring artists apply for each year, there are certain roles and responsibilities one must fulfill. Being original, creative and fearless top that list and Adam Bomb has consistently raised the bar with unbelievable flows, infectious hooks and thought provoking content for the masses. Having the support of your peers is also a qualification and with a growing list of notables including Canadian Hip Hop legend Maestro Fresh Wes, FLOW 93.5fm radio host Mastermind and Polaris prize nominee D Sisive onboard, Bomb is reaching new heights wih each new endeavour. Lastly and most importantly, an emcee must have the confidence and trust of THE PEOPLE and citing the International success of Bombs’ latest releases ‘Wasted Talent’ and ‘Make Good Music’ (youtube hits in the tens of thousands) its clear that the 5th letter fam and Freedom Writers collective all star Adam Bomb is a Full Time, fully certified representative of THE PEOPLE!

Adam Bomb’s newly minted WASTED TALENT cd is now available for purchase featuring some of ‘the legend’s’ most memorable tracks such as ‘The balance’ produced by Platinum selling beatsmith 40 (Drake, Sade, Jay Z) and the crowd favourite ‘Wasted Talent’ banged out by fellow Freedom Writers collaborator Big Sproxx of Proletarian music. Fresh off of the jam packed release party in Toronto, Adam Bomb is continuing work on his next solo project and steadily penning classics for the debut LP of critically acclaimed Toronto Hip Hop collective, the Freedom Writers. Possessing a CEO flow with a hard hat mentality, it’s not hard to see why Adam Bomb is one of the most sought after artists in Canadian Hip Hop. The people have spoken.

Shouts to my homie James @ DunnDeal for giving me the scoop on this one.  I love it when artists use their talent and personal stories to give back to those who truly need it.  Jonathan Emile from Mount Real is not only a talented MC, but a cancer survivor giving back to youth fighting the same battle. Take a listen ….

preview/video at

Singer/poet/musician/entrepeneur Jonathan Emile was in the hospital fighting for his life when he created his “Mind Peace Love” philosophy. Today, he runs Mindpeacelove Records when he’s not studying towards his philosophy degree.  He appeared on the Grammy long-list in the ‘Rap Album of The Year’ category and ‘Jazz Album of The Year’ category as a member of the Franco Proietti Morph-Tet. The internet also has taken notice with over 200,000 fans online (Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Twitter). The majority of all the money he makes goes to charities dealing with children and young adult / teen cancers.

Here he presents his remix to Lupe Fiasco’s “Words I Never Said”, hot on the heels of his own smash single “Heroes”. View the “Heroes” video at and download at


For more info:

James Dunn

Royce Birth is one of the most down-to-earth, humble dudes I ever met – and he’s a pretty dope MC and producer. What happens when he teams up with Rich Kidd AND DJ NaNa?? Maaaadness!! Loving this chune, so peep it:

“For The Dough”, is a new track from royceBIRTH’s upcoming project, “theANDROIDalbum”, due June 2011.  
This track features Rich Kidd, and DJ Nana, and appears on the compilation, “Made In Canada Vol.5” (Courtesy of Topleft Recordings)

Artist: royceBIRTH ft. Rich Kidd and DJ NaNa
Song: For The Dough
Produced by: royceBIRTH for Third Charm Media (2011)


Royce Birth “The REBIRTH” Album, Available on ITunes:

Toronto MC, Jus Randy is back in the studio and soon coming out with some new material.  “The Warm Up is Over!!” Jus Randy says whole heartedly while taking a break during a late night studio session.  After releasing two singles that was well received by DJs, Bloggers, and HipHop purists alike over the summer and fall months of 2010 Jus Randy is on the hinge of releasing his third installment called Hliðskjálf (It’s Too Damn Late!). Produced by Gameboy with a vocal appearance by Dvocalz the single is a game changer.

Before the official release we want to take you on a brief journey of Jus Randy’s permanent influence and contributions to our ever growing Canadian HipHop culture. Get a sneak peek here: 

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