This is the realest video I’ve seen in a hot minute. As much as I LOVE Jay and Ye, and yes when they  performed N*ggas in Paris eight times during the second Toronto show, I said the words right along with them. But let’s face it – they’re speaking about a fantasy lifestyle – unattainable for most of us, and so far removed from real life that the music is just an escape – which is probably why we love it so much.

Leave it up to Yasiin Bey (Mos Def), to give the world a clue about real life for the rest of us, and bitch slap you back to reality…. Just watch…


Melanie Durrant has collaborated with Kardinal Offishall, Famous, and other MCs so it’s nice to see her doing something where she gets her spot in the solo limelight, at least on camera! In her newest video, “Made for Love” she worked with Singer/Producer/über-Multi-Tasker Slakah The Beatchild to direct the visuals.

Produced by Satnam Singh Chatha of 5 Rivers Ent INC., the single is available for purchase on iTunes (sorry, no freebies this time!!), but you can peep the video below.  You can follow Ms. Durrant on Twitter >> @melochew

I was born /
Ready to fight /
Forever and tonight /
I’m in the fight of my life

An interesting and unexpected collabo – Toronto’s Colin Munroe teams up with Pusha T to kick off your weekend with some brand new music. Enjoy!!

For more info on Colin Munroe, check out his website at  Listen and download below…



Some essential hip hop to get you through the rest of the day. You already know Pete Rock plus Smif N Wesson are dirty (cop that Monumental album, if you haven’t already!!) – throw in some Memphis Bleek and it’s all love and audio goodness from top to bottom. Even the hook on its own is inspirational.  The classic cuts at the beginning and end of the track just made me fall in love even more….

Peep the video:

I was feeling the Hump Day blahs until I came across some goodness from Teedra Moses!!

It’s been next to forever since she came out with a full album but I’ve been hooked since Complex Simplicity.  Now that she’s part of the MMG team, it looks like fans like myself won’t have to wait much longer (*fingers crossed*).  If you missed out on her “Luxurious Undergrind” mixtape  released last summer, don’t miss out on the video below!
On Another LuvR, Ms. Moses teams up with label mate Wale and gives just what we need to get over Hump Day… Enjoy!

Follow Teedra Moses on Twitter @teedramoses and take in this throwback…

Beautifully produced, with lyrics to match.
I HEART Rich Kidd!!!

After an incredible beginning to 2012  – filled with confirmations of productions placements including Jay Electronica’s debut album on Roc Nation (stay tuned!) – Rich Kidd is back reminding us that he’s just as talented on the track as well as composing it.

His new track, Back in the Day features Degazity with producer Show N Prove on the beat.  The video is coming soon, but if you want to grab the clean & dirty versions in the meantime >>>  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD “BACK IN THE DAY”

Or just take a listen here & enjoy:

For more info on Rich Kidd, check out the website

If you’re tired of hearing all about love & celebration around Valentine’s Day, leave it up to Wio-K to make music for the rest of us.  While most people are professing their love for their significant other today (ed. note: Side chicks, fall back -> your day is tomorrow…), there are undoubtedly a few couples out there that will be calling it quits today.  Don’t think it’s you? It’s still early… Wio-K to the rescue with “Can’t Work” .

In a relationship you gotta end, but she/he won’t take no for an answer? Just play dis, preferably from a distance (therapy for your ex not included):

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Following his last single “Morning Breeze” Toronto based Producer/Emcee Mazaman is back at it again with his new single “Black Is”.

 sheds light on his rendition of the word black while celebrating the history and legacies of the world’s first people.

Directed and edited by Big Sproxx for Freedom Writers/Proletarian Music. Take a look at the video here…

If you’re like me and didn’t get to check out the Dilla Day concert in Detroit last week, and least we have the music to keep us company.  We can continue the celebration with some new music, courtesy of producer/MC Junia-T.  I’m loving this tribute dedicated to someone who was so talented and widely respected.  Dilla’s passing happened way too soon but his influence will clearly last a lifetime.

Peep this – download here:

and take a listen below…. Enjoy and Keep Rising!


A Tribute to Whitney….

February 13, 2012

Still stunned by the loss, I can only imagine what her family, especially her daughter, must be going through right now.  Dwayne Morgan says it best in his dedication to a woman that personified the words “SuperStar” and “Icon”, and whose legacy will live on forever….Rest In Peace, Whitney.


A Poem For Whitney

I can’t judge your life.
I don’t know the demons
you had to fight;
I can only wonder why.
This feels sudden
And too soon;
While you may have
Slipped from your path,
I wished that Clive Davis
Could have resurrected you.
We all hoped for one more note,
The beads of sweat
On your forehead and nose,
Reminding us to hold out hope
That you still had it.
All at Once,
I’m feeling So Emotional,
Sitting in this Heartbreak Hotel,
Reading obituaries
written in tweets
On the eve of the Grammys,
Where you will once again shine

Like you did when you were alive;
Once again the spotlight
Will be yours.
It seems like this
One Moment in Time
Is standing still;
I’m searching for words,
But I have nothing.
Why Does it Hurt So Bad?
I feel like I’ve lost
A piece of my childhood,
And I Will Always Love You.
Where Do Broken Hearts Go?
My head is spinning,
Like The Greatest Love of All On vinyl.
Death is the final reminder
Of how precious life is,
And right beside
your heels that will never be filled,
You’ve left us a gift,
That we can pass on to our kids.
Through your music
You will live forever,
Without the rumours and demons,
But just with love and adoration,
As it was meant to be;
Sometimes greatness comes
With heavy crosses to bare,
And I wish that your shoulders
Were broader.
While you were busy
Being every woman,
We just wanted you to be the old you,
The woman that we loved,
But we don’t get to choose
How another walks in their shoes.
I’ve been Saving All My Love
To pen this tribute,
As an ode to your life,
What you gave,
And what you lived through.
If this is your judgement day,
and you’re standing on the front line,
and the Lord asks you
what did you do with your life,
Please say,
that I tried to live it for you.


Dwayne Morgan