Never mind I’ve been trying to get him on DD Radio for ages – that just means that he’s busy in the studio, no doubt – but Colin Munroe is already one of my favourite vocalists to come out of Canada in a minute.  He stole my heart with the hook on Faster with Slum Village (released earlier this year on e1), and I’ve done so many remixes of his rendition of Flashing Lights, it’s enough to leave you cross-eyed!!  He’s now teasing his fans with the first installment from a new project he’s working on called The Revox Suite – REVOX = re-vocalization or his version of a remix, get it?? It’s essentially a series of remixes using (basically) only his voice – NICE!!  The first release is a “revox” of Sky Ferreira’s single, “One”.  

It’s available for download  for a limited time only via  Take a listen and enjoy!!


If you know me at all, you already know how hard I rep for Scarborugh and always have. How can I not? It’s the borough that so many talented MCs, Producers, DJs and Artists now or at some point called home (from Maestro to Rich Kidd to Choclair to Monolith), and it’s no accident that it’s known throughout the city of Toronto as ‘The Borough Most Thorough’

Scarborough Fresh Fest, presented by YOUnited Neighbourhoods Festivals aims to redefine Scarborough and their Youth by showcasing and celebrating the cultural and artistic wealth they contribute to the city of Toronto.   The event will take place over 4 days and will feature a multitude of activities including: The Fresh Fashion Film & Art Expo, the Battle of the Freshest Dance contest, Subtext Multi Arts festival and the popular Scarborough Fresh Fair celebration of Youth, Urban Arts & Culture.  Over the 4-day span of the festival, spectators will experience the talents of  Scarborough-based fashion designers, visual artists, b-girls and b-boys and the music of Tona, Ayah, Kim Davis, Smash Brovaz, Rich Kidd, A-Game and many, many more!  The festival kicks off Thursday September 9th at The Civic Centre (150 Borough Drive) with The Fashion Phoenix, with the vibe provided by none other than yours truly (wink-wink)!!  The festival is not-to-be missed and is the perfect lead in to the world renown Manifesto Festival. Questions?? Hit up the awesome people organizing the fantastic (and much needed) event at .


It’s no secret that I’m a HUGE fan of D.O — an MC who’s also an educator and motivator.  He’s one of the MOST positive thinking artists I’ve ever met (and seeing that we’re from the Screwface Capitol – that’s saying a lot!!), and he has lyrics for days – making international headlines by being the Guiness World Record holder for longest freestyle.  Add the undeniable production talents of Slakah da Beatchild into the mix, and you have Art of Fresh – a duo whose love of good music period transcends beyond the hip hop category. They’ve just announced the release of their upcoming album, When the Night Comes In – dropping September 21st. More details to come, but read the info below for the full scoop!!


Toronto, ON – JUNO Award winning producer Slakah the Beatchild and Guinness World Record holder D.O., who make up the duo Art of Fresh, are set to release their sophomore album When The Night Comes In on September 21, 2010 (available via iTunes). The first single Alive, is already receiving spins on Toronto’s Flow 93.5 and 106.9 in London, ON. The duo will celebrate the release with a launch party at Czehoski’s (678 Queen St West, Toronto ON) on Friday September 17th .

“Our touring experiences over the last year really influenced the sound of the album,” says D.O. “From Vegas to Vancouver, Tokyo to Toronto, we’re bringing that butterfat boombap that ours fans have come to expect from us!”

D.O., who holds the record for the longest freestyle by rapping almost nine hours, contributes vocal talents to Art of Fresh along with fellow lyricist Slakah the Beatchild, who also provides the beats and production elements. When The Night Comes In showcases Art of Fresh’s unique sound that fans have come to expect from the talented pair. Their new release is the perfect blend of old school meets new school delivered with a unique sound of soul and hip-hop. The album offers a new feel to their music, infusing electronic beats on tracks such as When The Night Comes In and Electrodisfunktions. The duo incorporates a new sound while ensuring they haven’t forgotten their roots.

Early in 2010, Art of Fresh hit number one on the US College Hip-Hop Radio Charts (Rapattacklives) for their single Out This World, from their debut album, Back to the Earth (Northstarr / Nova Music Group / Universal Music Canada). The album was embraced in the music community and reached #2 on Canadian college radio charts. Art of Fresh has recently toured internationally with an Asian tour in December 09 (Hong Kong and Taiwan) and London, England (June 2010). In addition, the band recently opened for the Black Eyed Peas in Sarnia at Bayfest to a crowd of over 10,000.

D.O. and Slakah the Beatchild make up Art of Fresh, but they both focus on their own solo projects. D.O., an accomplished emcee, released his sophomore album Stay Driven in 2009, which contains the hit singles Unfinished Business and Now I Understand (featuring east coast rapper Classified and produced by D.O.). Now I Understand is currently in rotation on MuchMusic and MuchVibe. D.O. has also begun an initiative entitled Stay Driven, which is a one-hour motivational assembly that combines speaking with live performance and addresses relevant teen subjects including bullying, goal setting and literacy. D.O. has been inspiring thousands of youth with his school tours since he began in 2001.

Slakah the Beatchild’s videos have achieved great success internationally. The video for the single Enjoy Yourself has received airplay on MuchMusic, MTV, VH1 and B.E.T. The song was such a hit it attracted the likes of Canadian superstar Drake, to record a second version featuring the two artists together. As well as his accomplishments as a solo artist, Slakah the Beatchild is a highly sought after producer who has also worked with Drake, Melanie Durrant, Divine Brown and most recently Justin Nozuka. Currently, the beat-savvy artist is working on finalizing the album, for his new group The Slakadeliqs entitled The Other Side of Tomorrow. The project is vastly different from his previous hip-hop focused work and showcases his range and musical diversity. The album features Justin Nozuka, Swedish Grammy nominated artist Tingsek, Juno nominated artist Shad and more. Slakah has just released the video Bboy Beef from his previous solo album Soul Movement Vol. 1. Playing in rotation on MuchMusic, MuchMoreMusic and Muchvibe, the video features some of Toronto’s top b-boy crews Ground Illusion and Twisted Ankles.

The annual hip hop festival that takes over Toronto for a few weeks every Fall has expanded to Jamaica!!! In Toronto this year they’ll be bringing Jay Electronica, Jean Grae and Bilal to the city.  Peep the info re: the Jamaican edition below:

TORONTO, CANADA – Manifesto Community Projects has been engaging the city’s youth with Arts and Culture ever since 2007, not long after Toronto came to grips with widespread violence that became known as the infamous ‘Summer of the Gun’ two years prior. From inspiring town hall meetings to exciting performances at its annual Manifesto Festival of Community and Culture, the non-governmental organization has been making its presence unmistakably felt in the Greater Toronto Area. Not only that, but its steady growth has inspired the birth of a sibling organization outside of Canada.

“MANIFESTO was born out of pure and honest love.  That love is universal and it was felt by our brothers and sisters working on similar missions in Kingston, Jamaica. It is with great joy that we announce the official birth of the Manifesto movement in Jamaica,” said Founding Executive Director of Manifesto Canada, Che Kothari. “I’ve been going back and forth to Kingston for a while now building with the team and the level at which this team is operating and the depth of their experience is truly powerful.  The things they have already done in a short period are major successes for an organization still in its infancy and speaks to their capacity and connections on a grassroots and institutional level.   Their methodology, approach and activities are truly genius.  Without a doubt this team is about to set things ablaze in Kingston and its coming at a time when love must be the message.”

Manifesto|Jamaica Festival Director, Lesley-Ann Welsh explained, “We feel extremely blessed by the connection made with Manifesto Community Projects. Che’s energy is infectious and, before we knew it, we were integrally involved with his movement. The Manifesto approach truly has the potential to be a healing force in Jamaica, especially among the youth.”

Although this cross-cultural partnership comes as a pleasant surprise for arts and culture practitioners in Jamaica, it has actually been in the making since 2008. In February of that year, Kothari attended the Africa Unite Youth Symposium in Kingston, where he met Welsh and her colleague, Gavin Hutchinson; both were organizers of the symposium on behalf of the Bob & Rita Marley Foundations. He also met Reginald Bell who, along with Hutchinson, co-produced and co-hosted a youth talk show called Reasoning on Jamaican national radio. The three would soon collaborate with Che on Project Nine Mile, a computer literacy project in the rural Nine Mile community where Reggae icon Bob Marley was born and raised. Incidentally, Che also became acquainted with Marley’s granddaughter, Donisha Prendergast, at the symposium; she is currently working on her globetrotting documentary, Rasta, and is an integral part of the Manifesto|Jamaica team.

By the summer, Hutchinson was selected to be on the planning committee for the inaugural Ignite The Americas youth arts forum in Toronto. Today, he considers his experience there to be the single greatest contributor to his current passion for the arts.

“Toronto is where I first appreciated the true effect of arts and culture on youth in society,” confessed Hutchinson, Advocacy Director for Manifesto|Jamaica. “All I kept thinking about was how we could apply the Manifesto formula back home. Jamaica has the most culture per square mile and I feel like that potent and characteristic energy that we are known for just needs some positive realignment.”

With the recent outbreak of violence between law enforcement and inner city residents at the end of May, it seemed like Jamaica’s ‘Summer of the Gun’ arrived in 2010. Manifesto|Jamaica’s emergence could not be timelier. On the afternoon of May 23, as the team was in the middle of its first official community impact activity, a sports day uniting several communities in the Three Miles Development Area, the first gunshots sounded just one block away. The experience had the effect of setting the tone for the organization, putting into perspective the importance of empowering the youth with opportunities for self-expression at a time when violence constantly surrounds them. This view continues to shapeManifesto|Jamaica’s development as it grows from infancy to become a leader in Jamaica’s arts and culture revolution.

I can’t believe it’s been almost a month since my last post!!! August was admittedly pretty crazy for me – for those who emailed me to ask what up, the updates are coming soon!!




In the meantime, I just got this in my Inbox so I had to put it up. I had the pleasure of interviewing Jonny Roxx a few months ago in the DD Radio environment. Energy for days, this artist is on the come up so pay attention!!  The single, Jump On, from last summer still gets some major airplay, but he also has a growing arsenal of other tracks, including Do It and a hot  dub of Beamer, Benz or Bentley (love the pic w/Ponytailz, so I just had to post it above). He’s been the  featured artist on several tracks by Ms. Kim Davis (a.k.a his Ride or Die Chick!!), but he can hold his own on a track too.  The “PREtape” also features Bishop Brigante, Ken Masters, JD Era, Drake, Darryl Riley and more!!  Take a listen to some of the goodies he has in the works, all wrapped up Rolled Up just for you:

Jonny Roxx: The Roll Up (PREtape) Free Download


Featuring production by T-Nyce, Rich Kidd, Baseline, August, the Gifted Club, and two-time Grammy nominee, Boi-1da, Roxx’s gritty voice is soooo hip hop – just loving it!!  Stay close because this is just a prelude to his debut album.  In the meantime, peep the videos below and hit him up at 
VIDEO: “Beamer Benz or Bentley” (RMX) Jonny Roxx