Die-Rek gives you the essence of hip hop with pure beats and lyrics on his new EP, Butta Breath – An Expedition Through the Soul.  Check out the label blurb below and pick it up on iTunes and FatBeats!

MC/Producer Die-Rek’s sound takes you on an expedition through the soul with work that is laced with intrigue, emotion, authentic bass lines, cutting edge drums, and impacting arrangements. He is definitely an artist well beyond his time.

Every song is a tale of its own and addresses themes of foundation, sacrifice, triumph and ultimately reign.  “Butta Breath” the EP is true “heart and soul” music. The project bears no trace of compromise and holds true to the very essence of that genuine classic era of hip hop.
Die-Rek’s defining tone and thought provoking lyricism combined on this 90% sample free project stands as a testament to the authenticity of the one of a kind rhythmic edge his work embodies.
Distributed and available through www.FatBeats.com and on iTunes this project is one that you do not want to let pass you by.

For more info on this artist, check out www.DIE-REK.com


New music by a Toronto classic:  Solitair has been one of the dope MCs on my list for well over a decade, but he’s completely evolved as an artist and taken some music risks that others may shy away from.  I got to see him perform some of his new material at last year’s Juno/UMAC Urban event and he completely blew me away – along with the rest of the audience.  It was refreshing to see him break the mould of and become a well-rounded performer, embodying more genres than solely hip hop.

His new track SOLI, has rock star status written all over it. Take it in…..



Topping my list of young MCs from Toronto, I can honestly say it’s been a minute since I’ve seen anyone put it down like Blake Carrington. Ever since I first heard FRESH(er Than the Rest) off a Rich Kidd mixtape a few years ago, I’ve been a fan.  After his freestyle during one of the City On My Back/Stylus Cyphers last month, I know for a fact I’m not alone.  He takes the term “Cool Dad” to a next level – click on the image above and see what I mean.  Seeing Blake Carrington perform live is truly an experience.

He just released the single “Legendary” (produced by Ric Notes) off the soon-to-be-released album “Failure” – can’t wait to hear everything he has on deck. With his style and skill, Failure is definitely not an option. Check out the PR blurb from the label below, take in the chune, and FOLLOW him >> @carringtonworld

Oui Self Made is proud to release “Legendary” – the lead single off Blake Carrington’s upcoming FAILURE Project. Produced by Ric Notes, “Legendary” evokes the raw emotions and hunger for success that mark Blake Carrington’s rebirth and evolution as an artist. 

In this compelling and motivational track, Blake speaks as an advocate for those who have faced failure and overcome it to pursue their dreams. Shouting out influential hip hop legends Biggie, Tupac, and the Wu-Tang Clan, Blake makes it clear that he refuses to give up, and that his time to shine is now.


The FAILURE Project represents Blake’s commitment to making his dreams a reality, even when confronted with failure.  Blake is an innovative and dedicated artist who has put a huge amount of work into his musical career, despite being faced with adversity. He is “failing forward” towards his success, representing anyone who has ever overcome failure to pursue their goals.


“Legendary” ends with a quote from Muhammad Ali that reflects Blake’s journey of over 10 years in music: I’m experienced now, professional. Jaws been broke, been lost, knocked down a couple times. Blake Carrington has been through the wire and risen above failure. Oui Self Made is making history and ready to show the world exactly what legends are made of.  


Look out for the stunning visual accompaniment to “Legendary” dropping July 1st, as well as chapter two of the “Failing Forward” series entitled “D.O.P.E”, which will be released soon.


Brand New buzz single “ON THE GO” off of Toronto Hip Hop heavyweight THEO3’s upcoming album AIRPLANE OVER ONE WAY STREETS. The soulful, ‘Life Music’, inspirational anthem for progressive people in this unforgiving World boasts powerful vocals from fellow FREEDOM WRITERS collective stand out FRANKIE PAYNE. The gripping, universally bangin production is provided by 2 time Grammy nominees TONE MASON (Jay Z, 50 Cent, Game).

Be sure to visit the album blog at www.Airplaneover.wordpress.com and the website at www.THEOLOGY3.com

www.Twitter.com/THEO3MUSIK Hashtag #AIRPLANEOVER 

Keep your eyes open for the “ON THE GO” video within 2 weeks featuring cameos from FREEDOM WRITERSCAMP XWIO KDJ L’OQENZRICH KIDDPHAT TONYFRANZ THOMAS and more…

From the very first time I heard of this project, I’ve been looking forward to it, like a kid at Christmas.  Hands down, Nottz is my favourite producer – from Little Brother, to Busta Rhymes to Snoop and more, every beat is like ear candy.  Then pair him with the lyrical genius of Kardinal Offishall, and it’s a wrap!

I got to hear a sneak peek at the AMTRIM release last night and it literally had me nodding my head from beginning to end.

Sonically and lyrically, it’s a complete album, period – Nottz no doubt put down his signature heavy beats throughout, but there’s also a few uptempo tracks and even a surprisingly dope slow jam that will no doubt get rinsed on a few mixtapes before now and Valentine’s Day.  If you’ve ever wanted to get to know Kardi better, AMTRIM is practically a personal journal. He covers everything from love, spirituality, soul-searching, family and friendships, to achieving his goals and becoming a man.  Naming the album “Allow Me to Re-Introduce Myself” is a perfect title since Kardi manages to reveal pieces of his life that were hidden.  His lyrics are raw, observant and unapologetic, and for someone who’s admittedly a private person, it must have taken a lot to creatively expose that much of his personal side.

I’m most definitely a fan of both artists and I can’t wait to see/hear/feel the reaction to this collaboration. It’s a ride worth taking and I left feeling refreshed with some hometown pride!

ANTRIM drops TODAY (June 15th) with a FREE DOWNLOAD
on www.DatPiff.com at 4:16 <—– Get it??? T-dot….

And of course if you’re too damn impatient to wait a few hours, let this hold you:

It’s way after 4:20pm, but I can still give you a little background music to get enlightened to.  Courtesy of CROOKLin, a.k.a Crookz and 1/2 of The Smash Brovaz, peep this track and enjoy while you inhale deeply. Produced by ShowBoiz.

For more information check out his music at http://www.crooklin.bandcamp.com or just follow him on Twitter @CROOKLINofSB

In my quest to challenge myself, and push myself outside of my comfort zone I got to team up with my partner DJ Craig Brooklyn and do a promo ad for Stoli Canada.  I’m not a turntablist (hmmmm….yet), but Craig and I set it up as a ‘He Says, She Says’ party rocker battle, and showed just how ignorant some DJs can be when they get in that competitive mindset. The experience was definitely a lot of fun, and as camera-shy as I am, I’d do it again! You’ll definitely be hearing some more collabos between Craig and myself in the near future.  I really like Stoli connecting with the culture by highlighting the DJs who’ve made it a major force in their lives.  Look out for other DJ Cyphers featuring DJ Dopey, DJ Kariz, TurnStylez and more.

Many thanks to Oxygen Agency, Rez, Stoli Vodka Canada and DJ Craig Brooklyn! Like the drink,  enjoy the video responsibly 😉


I truly respect Regular Robb‘s grind. Before you recover from one track he’s already hitting you with the next one. Check out the newest single, I’m Gone (produced by Boi-1da).  And for more info on this artist, check out the website at www.regularrobb.com




Shouts out to ALL the ladies holdin’ it down in hip hop. I met Nyce Touch a few years ago and been steadily keeping an eye on her growth as an artist and producer.  She even held her own as a contestant on RapCity’s Freestyle Battle on Much Music a while ago – something that many female MCs may have found intimidating, she just brushed it off her shoulders and dealt with the case.  Not one to shy away from anything, I fully respect her grind and for breaking the mould.  She keeps proving herself as a force to be reckoned with, and has already worked with some of Canada’s heavy hitters.  Check out her debut album – Split Personality, where she plays the role of MC AND Producer – now available on iTunes.

Follow her @nycetouchmusic

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
June 12, 2012

Gee Wunder and Motive Music Co. present Nyce Touch’s “Split Personality” LP for sale on ITunes.

Nyce Touch’s debut LP makes her debut with a collection of HIT potential songs reminiscent of classic Missy Elliott fused with the new-school commercial sensibilities of The Dream.  Enjoy this 11 track LP almost entirely produced by Nyce Touch herself with vocal features from Supreme Swiss and Hakeem Rose.

Here is a LINK to the LP on ITUNES >> http://itunes.apple.com/ca/artist/nyce-touch/id525925666

For more information on Motive Music artist Nyce Touch, check out: