TEAMThanks to all the listeners who made #24Hours24DJs a HUGE success this year! The level of engagement with the listeners, students at York University and the city itself was monstrous – so much so that #24Hours24DJs was trending on Twitter! Needless to say, when you have 24 DJs repping for 4 different teams, there’s going to be a HIGH level of trash talk, but it was all in good fun. The winning team was Team Soca Prince, so congrats are definitely in order, but the 2014 Coaches Award goes to DOC — ok, that’s not a REAL award, but he deserves it anyway!

Seriously, not only did this showcase the level of skill and talent the DJs have, but this was a phenomenal way for CHRY 105.5FM to kick off it’s annual fundraising drive! Thanks to everyone who listened and tweeted the votes for their favourite DJs and Teams. Due to the success of the kick off, even more people know what an awesome station CHRY is, and how important it is to the city. Want to donate? Keep listening to CHRY 105.5FM in Toronto, and lock them in online at for more details on how you can contribute. For more info on #24Hours24DJs and the DJs who participated this year check out the dedicated site at