Got lots of love and respect for Spek Won -> peep the new video for Pulp Fikton ft. KeishaLeisha.  Filmed by fellow 88 Days of fortune member Yannick Anton. The highly anticipated mixtape  “Saint Tainted” is set for release in March 2012.

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Honestly Spek – you surprised me on this one.

After getting past being slightly blinded by the cover art (next time, warn a sista before I open it at work!! Lol), I pressed play and it’s now on rotation number 6. On Jack Newton Swing featuring GMF and Marty McFligh, Spek Won channels his inner Heavy D (RIP), Guy, SWV and all good things about ’90s R&B on this tribute track. Can’t front – it’s fun, and I love it. I’m currently fighting the urge to do the running man at my desk….

This track makes 2 dope songs in one day – so far, I’m loving what 2012 is giving me. Take a listen below and follow Spek Won on Twitter at @SpekWon

Why beat around the bush? I’m totally LOVING this track.

Spek Won delivered one of the sickest mixtapes I’d heard with Preemo Donna a while ago (a mixtape with Primo beats, how could you go wrong?), and Hip Life was a single that I regularly merked on radio, so it was nice to see this track pop up.  On Reality Bites, he partners with the ever so soulful Sunshine Anderson, the creator of one of the hottest female anthems ever (Heard It All Before)

If 2011 taught me anything, it’s just like the song says:  that life CAN be a bitch, and yup, I wish I could drink and smoke my problems away too. But tracks like this definitely make it better.


Call me a selfish DJ but I was hoping to get my hands on this in time to do an exclusive world premier on Monday night’s show, but I’d be just as happy to start rinsing it as of next week. Courtesy of Spek Won (What YOU know about Hip Life??), the original Don Dadda from Ghana (yes, I said it!!) – he lays it down again with the Tone Mason produced track 2nd Chances — everyone deserves at least one, right??  AND if you missed out on his mixtape you MUST check out and download the Preemo Donna – hit him up at

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