Not much to say other than you have to have pretty big kohonas to pose with the full royal attire, including a crown and fur cape, but for as long as I’ve known him, Famous has never fallen short in the kohana department. Right out the gate, he’s always made people pay attention, whether they’ve wanted to or not! All I do know is that history states that when the Kid links up with Burd & Keyz (RIP Keyz), nothing but audio goodness can emerge. Peep the new track on the links below:

Famous – All Hail The Kid

DJ Pack (MP3):

DJ Pack (WAV):


It’s no secret that I LOVE me some Famous!! Just check the DD Radio playlists for verification, I’m a fan of good music, period. Dude is simultaneously the hardest working and one of  the most loved/hated-on MCs in the city. Charisma and swagger for days, the overconfidence can be admittedly overwhelming, but he’s proof that a memorable personality + talent & hard work go a LONG ass way – as far away as Cannes for Midem.  He’s also been pretty consistent in delivering chunes that are radio-friendly and can easily fit in the mix with anything state-side without sounding American – make sense?? If it’s a slow day at the office and you need some comic relief and/or some distraction, check out his YouTube Channel (no links, just google it!!).  Anyway, to stay top of mind, he consistently drops dubs in addition to his own original tracks — peep the new dub  dedicated to the DJs….

Famous – All I Do Is Spin