It’s been a while since I posted something, but this one was worth the wait.  JD Era AND Shi Wisdom on the same track?! Whoa…..

Last time we heard from JD Era, he was at “The Top of the Game.” Continuing to get the people ready for his highly anticipated No Handouts project, Era has let us know that he’s sitting on top and taking up a spot on “Mount Olympus.”

Trumpets blaring matched with sharp drum hits create a canvas of music that Era uses to weave an anthem. Just hearing the music alone, one can imagine the gates of Olympus opening, calling for those who deserve to be there. On top of the great music, Shi Wisdom lends her angelic voice for the hook to accentuate the beat and breaks.

Era hits the ground running on this new leak , coming with the same ferocity and fire that has established him as one of the best in the business. Once again JD Era comes correct right of the jump with lines like “the clash of the titans, sharp swords into the jaws of those biting, we want the king this calls for more fighting, more writing, more lightning.”


Having verses like “powerful shit Zeus couldn’t produce, the rap gods coming for a truce, blessed in the booth, sipping over proof till the juice starts flowing from the top of the roof” shows Era’s creativity and ability to use different types of flows that most emcees can’t.
JD Era continues to create buzz for No Handouts, having just finished up the Canadian leg of the Unexpected Victory tour with Raekwon. Be on the lookout for Era and Chef touring throughout the United States as the tour continues until April 20th. More information about dates and locations can be found at Stay tuned for the official release of No Handouts coming very soon. With tracks like this one, it’s easy to see that JD Era has a gift from the Gods.
JD Era workin’ a tux and Raekwon the Chef payin tribute to Guyana Gold (braps to my GT Massive), is a nice way to start the day! Off the IceH20 label, peep the new video below!!
“They used to turn off the water and cut off the cable/ Now, I’m standing with the God, ’bout to bring M’s to the table…”
There are plenty of reasons for JD Era and The Chef to celebrate, so for their new visual, we get way more than “Just A Toast.” In a penthouse suite high above the streets of NYC, with a private stock of top-tier booze and more dime-pieces than we can count, Wu-Tang Clan’s leading man as of late cheers to his recent Unexpected Victory. And, while we’re all obviously jealous, you can’t deny the high rise digs don’t effectively compliment the lyrical lifestyle displayed on producer Mark Henry’s upper-class instrumental.


This one came out on New Year’s Day, and although Unexpected Victory turned out to be a little laid back, it’s still dope and I’ll always love Raekwon no matter what.  What I really love is that Toronto is ALLLLL over this! From H20 signee JD Era, to production by Pro Logic and MoSS, the mixtape is quality hip hop – as if you’d ever expect anything less.  Legends Busta Rhymes, Mobb Deep, Styles P and producer 9th Wonder also make appearances.  A surprise on the mixtape is a track called Facetime, introducing emerging crooner Altrina Renee. Overall, the Unexpected gives you a taste of what you can look forward to hearing from the label later this year.  It’s dope enough for me to overlook the fact that Raekwon looks suspiciously like Beanie Sigel on the cover artwork…

More music to bump to this weekend – ENJOY….

How do you make a dope song even crazier? Put JD ERA on it!!! It’s one of those tracks that make me wanna fully dismiss my ladylike side (yes, it does exist….sometimes) and throw a chair – arghhhhhh!!! Because sharing is caring….listen and enjoy!

Happy Friday!!


It’s been a few weeks since Toronto’s own JD Era officially joined Raekwon’s ICEH20 record label.  I’m really excited to hear what JD Era, (an MC that I’ve been able to watch grow since he was in highschool!!) and a legend like Raekwon the Chef can cook up.  The two go INNNNN on the nasty beat from Nas, and it has me ready for the full meal.  I can’t wait to rinse it!! Peep the link below for this appetizer called Dirty Water….

Look out for Era’s summer release, No Handouts, which will be his first release on Raekwon’s Ice H20 imprint. It will be available for free download, later this month at

JD Era & Raekwon – Dirty Water:

JD Era – “ICEH20”