Toronto’s Frankie Payne is back with a new video and a new EP, entitled Children of the Speaker. Revolutionary, thought-provoking, lyrical and always on point, the EP is definitely worth checking out, which features previously unreleased work. Need more good news? Word is that Freedom Writers are back in the lab.

Click on the image below to access the EP on Frankie Payne’s Bandcamp page:




Shouts out to Freedom Writers team – new one from Frankie Payne (produced by Big Sproxx). The video for Children of the Ghetto features some of your all-time favourite movie scenes of real life.

Mr. Payne’s new album, CLARITY, is coming out soon – stay tuned for the details and enjoy the video in the meantime.


Brand New buzz single “ON THE GO” off of Toronto Hip Hop heavyweight THEO3’s upcoming album AIRPLANE OVER ONE WAY STREETS. The soulful, ‘Life Music’, inspirational anthem for progressive people in this unforgiving World boasts powerful vocals from fellow FREEDOM WRITERS collective stand out FRANKIE PAYNE. The gripping, universally bangin production is provided by 2 time Grammy nominees TONE MASON (Jay Z, 50 Cent, Game).

Be sure to visit the album blog at and the website at Hashtag #AIRPLANEOVER

Keep your eyes open for the “ON THE GO” video within 2 weeks featuring cameos from FREEDOM WRITERSCAMP XWIO KDJ L’OQENZRICH KIDDPHAT TONYFRANZ THOMAS and more…


Frankie Payne. Freedom Writers. Sick.

Following the success of the singles “Wake Up”, “Arizona Bay” and “For The Change” the Freedom Writers are back at it again with their latest installment “The Goal.” The spotlight here is on Toronto, veteran emcee Frankie Payne formally known as Jugganot as he lays down precise flows, street knowledge and a melodic hook which he describes as “Revolutionary Soul” creating the perfect blend of wisdom and grittiness.. In “The Goal” Frankie takes you on a lyrical journey backed by a two in one powerful, hypnotic composition courtesy of Freedom Writers comrade Big Sproxx who also directed and edited the video.

Whether you’re working a 9 to 5 or the block, trying to get out debt or jail, WE ALL WANT FREEDOM.  In a perfect world we are all free from physical, finical, mental and spiritual oppression, but in this world freedom is “The Goal”.

Download song at:

Nothing better than getting some love on a Monday morning from my Freedom Writers fam!! While many are still recovering from the smack down they put on the crowd on the Manifesto main stage last month, FW releases their first, and long awaited video – For the Change.  With all the “OCCUPY” movements going on around the world – FW lets you know why you should pay attention to what’s going on in your back yard, and DO something about it.  Peep the video — you’ll definitely see a cameo (or two) by some of your favorite T-Dot hip hop heads:

Change is a small word but a monumental action.

When you willingly take someone out of their comfort zone and question what is perceived as important, standard, reliable and safe…there’s no turning back from that decision.

The unprecedented buzz across the city of Toronto for Powerhouse Hip Hop collective THE FREEDOM WRITERS is largely due to the fact that each member flies in the face of conventional sounds and styles, maintaining a completely original approach to making music. The recent Dundas Square performance in downtown Toronto in front of 10,000 transfixed concertgoers was proof positive that something has to change, and change it will. With a groundswell of support from fans, media, radio and fellow artists, many of whom appear in the brand new FREEDOM WRITERS video “For the Change” directed by Big Sproxx, these 6 unique and talented artists are set to take the World by storm.

A hard hitting production layered with horns and an infectious bassline, “For the Change” features Emcees Tona, Adam Bomb, Progress, Frankie Payne and Theo3 weaving in and out with rapid fire flows that rise in intensity with every line. Produced by Big Sproxx, this showstopper that captivated thousands and stole the show on a bill with many notable International acts is now available for purchase STREAM and PURCHASE NOW!

Peep the BRAND NEW  FREEDOM WRITERS video “For the Change” with cameos from a who’s who of Toronto Hip Hop emcees, producers and DJ’s all showing support for this ‘unprecedented’ (in the words of Juno award winner Shad K) collective of Toronto Hip Hop artists. It’s time for a change… and that change starts now!


For more information on this phenomenal group (no bias!!) check out their website: 





I’m VERY excited and proud to show some love to our extended DDRadio fam – The Real Frequency! A labor of love for the past few years, the Freqs have been working hard to put together a project that gives listeners a glimpse into the world-class, sheer awesomeness that Canada has to offer. Missed my little review from a few weeks ago? Peep it HERE

Some of the artists featured on the CD will be in the spot performing their tracks LIVE.  See details for the party below, and even better yet – purchase a copy of the compilation on iTunes to keep you amped until Thursday!!

…All live @ Wrongbar Sept 8th! THE NEW NORTH Album Release Party Come celebrate this Hip Hop Classic. It’s going to be a monumental night. See you there! Thursday, September 8 2011 WrongBar (1279 Queen St W)

Music by: DJ P-Plus + Special Guest Performances Hosted by: Arcee

Dresscode: Hip Hop 19+ $10 with FREE CD before 11 pm


Emcees: Shad, JD Era, Kardinal Offishall, Tona, Rich Kidd, Shaun Boothe, King Reign, Richie Sosa, D-Sisive, Theology 3, Mathematik, Promise, IRS, Adam Bomb, Wio-K, Mayhem Morearty, Luu Breeze, Frankie Payne, Famous, Grimace Love, Progress, Via Linez, & Sep.

Producers: Boi-1da, Tone Mason, Marco Polo, Frank Dukes, Rich Kidd, Lyve, MoSS, Soundsmith, T.R.A.C.K.S., Big Sproxx & C4.

Vocalists: Ayah, Lokz, Andreena Mill, T.R.A.C.K.S., & Kim Davis.

DJs: DJ Dopey, DJ Grouch, & DJ Riccachet.

Mixed/Mastered by Pro Logic.

Album Artwork by Heinz.

Flyer Artwork by Payne Designs

As always, shouts out to Freedom Writers for doing things proper!! New joint from FW ft. Franz Thomas.

“Water levels rise hire more cops, Lord of the flies Piggies on top, a wolf in disguise eats from the flock, the Revolution’s televised see it on FOX.” — Franz Thomas

“Olympics got money and so did G20 but when it comes to feed the hungry they ain’t got none.” — Adam bomb

“Crime makes money, justice moves slow, jobs get lost, jails overflow” — Frankie Payne

Toronto —  “Arizona Bay” featuring Franz Thomas is the latest diverse, powerful and out of the box assault from the FREEDOM WRITERS collective. It touches on the historical myths of Freedom and Democracy and how they are perpetuated in today’s climate. Thought provoking, nonpartisan and often shocking, The Freedom Writers deliver an intricate, and bold rhyme pattern that is backed by an eerie soundtrack creating the perfect blend courtesy of “FW” colleague, producer and engineer Big Sproxx.

Whether it’s war, 9-11, Haiti, Hurricane Katrina, The G20, Police Brutality, Government deception, slavery, poverty, the Prison and Judicial systems, the media or the fluctuating price of oil, there is no topic “too touchy” for the Freedom Writers to expose in “Arizona Bay”.

Check out the video:  | — Video- shot, directed, and edited by Big Sproxx.

As if that isn’t enough for ya, Theo3 gets in on it too:


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On Wednesday May 27th 2011 the world lost one of the most critical, significant voices in recent history. Gil Scott Heron was not only a poet, musician and cultural pioneer, but he was an artistic freedom fighter and aspiring revolutionary. His words were the soundtrack of the push for transformative change and African liberation. The sound of his voice will forever stir up imagery within us of the active resistance and self- determination synonymous with the Liberation movement of the 60’s and 70’s. In this Gil Scott Heron tribute, appropriately titled ‘The Revolution will not be Televised’, Freedom Writers Frankie Payne and Tona offer lyrical wisdom, flow and timing placed in between excerpts from Gil Scott Heron’s classic original version. The track is produced by Big Sproxx, who also directed the video.

Our hearts and minds go out to the family and friends of our fallen hero, as we wish them peace while they mourn his passing. His epic impact on life and culture will not be forgotten.






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One of my fav T-Dot lyricists and 1/5 of the acclaimed Freedom Writers crew, Frankie Payne (a.k.a. Jugganaut) goes in on this one, alongside the lovely and mad talented Andreena Mill. Peep it!!

Who are we? Why are we here? How do we survive?

We all struggle over these questions. Trying to find ourselves, our purpose! In this way we are connected. Everyone has a different path. It’s just that all paths are going in the same direction. All of the things that separate us are illusions. Colour, demographics, belief, these are only surface reflections of the true source of our division. The imaginary difference between rich, and poor. There are two worlds, two realities. One will never touch the other and the other will have unlimited access to both. Because in a rich mans reality, for the wrong choice he might face disgrace, embracement, or maybe punishment. But in a poor Mans world, for the wrong choice he will face death, hunger, and imprisonment. We all understand this, even if we don’t acknowledge it, more then many of us are ready to die for a chance to access an untouchable, unrealistic, reality.

Once again Frankie Payne is back with an emotionally charged hard hitting masterpiece of unprecedented detail, Raining in Toronto. Featuring the soulful sultry Voice of Andreena Mill, Frankie Payne delivers a true description of everyday events happening in the hood and how the affect us all. Following the huge success of “My Life” (featuring Saukrates) and the ever growing buzz of the Freedom Writers Collective, Frankie Payne wanted to re-introduce this classic tale showcasing his clever, visually inspiring lyrics and legendary story telling ability. Over a powerful and moving musical composition, courtesy of Snaz (Andreena Mill “la la la”, French Montana, Dame Grease etc.) and with clever, well thought out visual concepts courtesy of Jason Gosbee (Second place winner of the youtube International Film competition, White Collar Criminals, OMG (TV Movie). Frankie Payne takes us on a journey through the ghettos of Toronto, Capturing the emotions, and realities of the people who live and breathe them. Raining in Toronto stands as a metaphor representing the depression, and oppression, that can only be understood if experienced. Because this where hope is born. The same places where bullets fly and mothers cry. Because we  don’t  have  to die!


Raining in Toronto Official Video – Frankie Payne  Feat. Andreena Mill Watch  the VIDEO:

Raining in Toronto Dj  Pack – Frankie Payne  Feat. Andreena Mill 
Other Frankie Payne Goodies:

Frankie Payne My life Featuring Saukrates Video

Frankie Payne My life Featuring Saukrates DJ Pack

Give Thanks – Video

Give Thanks DJ Pack


Reach (for my city) DJ Pack

Home Invasion 


Street Wisdom



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Freedom Writers: WAKE UP!!

December 23, 2010

Back in October, I had the pleasure of DJing for this collective at their debut performance in Toronto – opening for Dead Prez.  Freedom Writers consists of some of the most respected MCs in the city, if not the country: Frankie Payne, Tona, Adam Bomb, Mathematik, Theo3 and Progress, alongside producer Big Sproxx – and both lyrically and stylistically, there aren’t many comparable acts that can go toe-to-toe with them.   Needless to say, they absolutely smashed it before Dead Prez even hit the stage and before the end of the night the streets were buzzing about their performance.

‘Wake Up!’ is the lead single from their upcoming project – they’re definitely on my list of  ‘Ones to Watch’ for 2011…

“It’s time to WAKE UP!!!”
        Toronto Hip Hop collective FREEDOM WRITERS

Recent World Wide events are capturing the attention of press and populous alike from the Haitian earthquake to Nicolas Sarkozy’s far right immigration policies in France all the way over to local Toronto politics where newly elected mayor Rob Ford is proposing unachievable tax cuts at the risk of eliminating social programming.

With all of this information at hand, what is the action plan of the everyday citizen? From projects to suburbs there needs to be a rallying cry that encompasses all of the raw emotion, debate and solutions that are so hard to interconnect. Music is that bridge!

With the first buzz song release WAKE UP mixed by Canada’s top Hip Hop engineer Michael ‘Blaow’ Plante, high powered Toronto Hip Hop collective FREEDOM WRITERS chart a path of action through art with a scathing take on local and International politics which will mobilize any free thinking Hip Hop aficionado, young and old. Consisting of local lights and Canadian stand outs Frankie Payne, Tona, Theo3, Adam Bomb, Mathematik, Progress and producer Big Sproxx, The FREEDOM WRITERS have accumulated a sizzling buzz that threatens to turn inferno in the coming months.

Look out for new songs dropping in the near future, cop the t-shirts, join the e mail list, spread the songs around to blogs, DJ’s and fans of boundary free Hip Hop music. Play it loud!

 WAKE UP! credits

Cuts by Dj Riccachet of Sweet Touch Foundation (Stylistik Endeavors 89.5fm)

Produced by Big Sproxx

Emcess in order of appearance: Frankie Payne, Theo3, Adam Bomb