Peace y’all!

I don’t post all the events that I do, but this one is pretty special.  I interviewed Boi-1da years ago (pre-Drake madness) on DD Radio, as a returning judge of Urbanology Mag‘s monster Beat Battle competition. He was pretty quiet, but with a great personality and mad humble.  When I bumped into him a few years later (post-Grammy wins under his belt plus all the attention that comes with it), I was REALLY happy to see that he was pretty much the same guy – still humble and sweet!

That’s why I’m pretty amped to be dropping a guest DJ set at this event this coming weekend.  Come party with me and DJ Romeo (Don’t Forget The Name!), as we celebrate the birthday of Boi-1da and ALL Libras! The birthday boy will not only be hosting the party, but the word is that he’ll also be dropping a guest set on the decks – now, THIS I gotta see!!

And so should you! Join us on Saturday October 18th, as we celebrate the birthday of Boi-1da and all Libras at SARCOA (57 Discovery Road, Hamilton).  Bottle service is recommended.