Not like Weezy needs any more exposure but my youngest son is about the same age as  Lil’ Wayne in this pic, so I couldn’t help but think – is this what his momma had in mind?  I fell in love with the pic (um, minus the tats – lol), and definitely wanted to share this image — the cover of Mr. Carter’s upcoming album.  At the end of the day he’s rich enough to have women left and right plotting how they can catch some of his super sperm and live on that child support (no judgement) – even though he said in a recent interview with Hot 97 that he has no plans of having any more kids….. hmmmmm, I guess they’ll have to think of a Plan B.

Along with working on a rock album and doing guest appearances on mixtape tracks all over the place, Lil’ Wayne is prepping for the release of The Carter IV, follow up of course to the monster successful Carter III.  Anticipated release date is June 21st 28th – pushed back dammit!, and I’m sure there will be plenty of bangers you’ll be hearing throughout the rest of the summer. And at least 1 or 2 being blasted from a float at Caribana – go Toronto!!