[New Music] MERNA – Young & Reckless

September 15, 2014

It’s been ages since I posted something.

The day to day grind of the 9-5 has been stealing my time away from the thing that I love most! But the music ALWAYS pulls me through — so I was damn near giddy to open my inbox this morning and see some new ish by my girl, MERNA (formerly known as AYAH).

Preparing to release her album later this year, MERNA drops her new single “Young & Reckless”. Penned by MERNA and produced by Makai Black. The final touches blessed and laid down by legendary producer, Ali Shaheed Muhammad.  In her own words: “Y&R is about throwing caution to the wind, just letting everything go in the name of (what one may think is) love. It’s all about what is right, in the now. It’s about having fun!” Take a listen:

Aligning with the release of The Calling, Merna comes together with HP Computers and is featured as a rule bender for their #BendTheRules campaign. Each week, HP Computers will release a moving, behind the scenes, short film styled video, written and narrated by Merna, and directed by Zac Facts, about music, inspiration, and life.

Check out her Soundcloud page and follow her on twitter @MernaKilledAyah


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