Afrika Bambaataa Comes to Toronto – Friday December 21 @ Revival

December 13, 2012


Afrika Bambaataa : The Ahmen Ra of Universal Hip-Hop Culture
w/ Soul Motivators Live 9pc Explosive Funk Act
plus MC K-Swift (Bronx, NYC), TascFarbsie FunkEvan G & more…
Friday, December 21, 2012, 9:30 PM
Revival Bar, 783 College Street
Advance Tickets $25 available at:
 Rotate This, Play De Record, Soundscapes
and available from hosts: Manifesto, The Gerbz, BNE
 & Boogie Inc. and online at and

December 2012 issue of Rolling Stone Magazine listed Afrika Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock” as 3rd Greatest Hip-Hop song of all time.  They credit the song for starting break-dancing and introducing the Roland 808 beats to Hip Hop along with developing the sonic language of  electro, Detroit Techno, Freestyle R&B, Miami Bass and most of modern Dance Music.

Along with DJs Grandmaster Flash and Kool Herc (a trio known in the 70’s as the Tri-Force) Bambaataa also developed “Turntablism” and were some of the first “Crate Diggers”, scouring vinyl records around the world for unique & funky drums breaks they could turn into songs of the own.  The Tri-Force’s New York City block parties is where the foundation of Hip-Hop developed with the help of MCs who used percussive, chanting street language poetry style over the sampling of funky breakbeats.  It was at this time that Afrika Bambaatta labeled the new music “Hip-Hop” in an article in the Village Voice in 1982, in reference to the use of the word in SugarHill Gang’s track Rapper Delight and LoveBug Starski’s track Positive Life.

In 2012, Cornell University announced the appointment of DJ Afrika Bambaataa as a visiting scholar for a three year term where he will discuss the origins of hip-hop and the cultural relevance and race-related aspects of the American artistic movement.

The Godfather of Hip-Hop, Afrika Bambaataa, the man who defined Hip-Hop Culture (MCing, DJing, B-boying and graffiti writing) performs in Toronto on Friday December 21st at Revival Bar.

Join us on December 21st as the Godfather of Hip Hop and electro-funk, the man who coined the term “Hip-Hop” and a true living legend in every sense of the word, makes his triumphant return to Toronto to celebrate the holiday season and all things funky. Expect a musical history lesson spanning the genres of Hip Hip, Funk, House, Soul, Breaks and so much more.

Afrika Bambaataa (NYC / ZULU NATION) The Ah men Ra of Universal Hip Hop Culture

Bam’s futuristic soundscapes became a major influence in the development of not only hip-hop, but have been instrumental in laying the foundation for Breaks, Electro, Freestyle, Techno and House music as well. “Planet Rock” has become arguably the most sampled song in music history, having been remixed and sampled by the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Westbam, George Acosta, LL Cool J and countless others. Bam’s track “Renegades of Funk” was also famously covered by Rage Against The Machine.

Select Video:
Planet Rock (1981)
Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun (1983)
Freestyle (2006)
Shift w/ Fort Knox Five (2010)
Afrika Bambaataa talks about the roots of Hip Hop at Cornell University (2012)

Soul Motivators

Finding the right groove means digging deep. With a love of vintage soul and funk, The Soul Motivators have mined their musicality to
bring you a fresh revival of a retro sound. Featuring numerous veterans of Toronto’s thriving underground funk scene, this 9-piece
rare groove explosion has a rough, tough, soulful flair that motivates you straight to the dance floor.


Incredible original Afrika Bambaataa photos by Che Kothari available here:


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