[New Music] Die-Rek – Butta Breath

June 28, 2012


Die-Rek gives you the essence of hip hop with pure beats and lyrics on his new EP, Butta Breath – An Expedition Through the Soul.  Check out the label blurb below and pick it up on iTunes and FatBeats!

MC/Producer Die-Rek’s sound takes you on an expedition through the soul with work that is laced with intrigue, emotion, authentic bass lines, cutting edge drums, and impacting arrangements. He is definitely an artist well beyond his time.

Every song is a tale of its own and addresses themes of foundation, sacrifice, triumph and ultimately reign.  “Butta Breath” the EP is true “heart and soul” music. The project bears no trace of compromise and holds true to the very essence of that genuine classic era of hip hop.
Die-Rek’s defining tone and thought provoking lyricism combined on this 90% sample free project stands as a testament to the authenticity of the one of a kind rhythmic edge his work embodies.
Distributed and available through www.FatBeats.com and on iTunes this project is one that you do not want to let pass you by.

For more info on this artist, check out www.DIE-REK.com


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