[Video] Stoli Vodka Canada DJ Cypher Series ft. DJ MelBoogie & Craig Brooklyn

June 13, 2012

In my quest to challenge myself, and push myself outside of my comfort zone I got to team up with my partner DJ Craig Brooklyn and do a promo ad for Stoli Canada.  I’m not a turntablist (hmmmm….yet), but Craig and I set it up as a ‘He Says, She Says’ party rocker battle, and showed just how ignorant some DJs can be when they get in that competitive mindset. The experience was definitely a lot of fun, and as camera-shy as I am, I’d do it again! You’ll definitely be hearing some more collabos between Craig and myself in the near future.  I really like Stoli connecting with the culture by highlighting the DJs who’ve made it a major force in their lives.  Look out for other DJ Cyphers featuring DJ Dopey, DJ Kariz, TurnStylez and more.

Many thanks to Oxygen Agency, Rez, Stoli Vodka Canada and DJ Craig Brooklyn! Like the drink,  enjoy the video responsibly 😉



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