[New Music] A. Harmony – T.I.T.S. (Time Is Too Short)

May 15, 2012

OK – I’m on the late bus writing about this one, but it will be new to some.  The word TITS is in the title – made you look, right? Don’t be ashamed – I looked too! But  the song is about more than just boobies.   As enjoyable as they are to look at and touch, they do have their drawbacks sometimes. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can already hear dudes grumbling, but sometimes only a woman can clearly communicate what it’s like, and Toronto’s A. Harmony gives you something to think about with her song, T.I.T.S. (Time Is Too Short).  Check out her note on creating the track below and take a listen for yourself…

So. A while back, my boy Astro Mega sent me a beat. That beat was called “Boobs”.

Now, I’m used to beats having strange working titles. I usually change them later; no problem. But this beat was different. From the moment I pressed play, I couldn’t stop thinking about, well…boobs. The kick, the snares, the jingly, jangly tambourines…they sounded like two perky, round, jiggly, tender breasts. And so I wrote a song about them. Breasts, that is. Wanna hear it? Here it go! Feel free to download, play this at ridiculously loud volumes at three in the morning, and please…share this with your friends!

Join me and Mega in taking over the world, two titties at a time!!

(and for this one, I give two HANDS UP – squeeze and enjoy!!)


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