A Tribute to Whitney….

February 13, 2012

Still stunned by the loss, I can only imagine what her family, especially her daughter, must be going through right now.  Dwayne Morgan says it best in his dedication to a woman that personified the words “SuperStar” and “Icon”, and whose legacy will live on forever….Rest In Peace, Whitney.


A Poem For Whitney

I can’t judge your life.
I don’t know the demons
you had to fight;
I can only wonder why.
This feels sudden
And too soon;
While you may have
Slipped from your path,
I wished that Clive Davis
Could have resurrected you.
We all hoped for one more note,
The beads of sweat
On your forehead and nose,
Reminding us to hold out hope
That you still had it.
All at Once,
I’m feeling So Emotional,
Sitting in this Heartbreak Hotel,
Reading obituaries
written in tweets
On the eve of the Grammys,
Where you will once again shine

Like you did when you were alive;
Once again the spotlight
Will be yours.
It seems like this
One Moment in Time
Is standing still;
I’m searching for words,
But I have nothing.
Why Does it Hurt So Bad?
I feel like I’ve lost
A piece of my childhood,
And I Will Always Love You.
Where Do Broken Hearts Go?
My head is spinning,
Like The Greatest Love of All On vinyl.
Death is the final reminder
Of how precious life is,
And right beside
your heels that will never be filled,
You’ve left us a gift,
That we can pass on to our kids.
Through your music
You will live forever,
Without the rumours and demons,
But just with love and adoration,
As it was meant to be;
Sometimes greatness comes
With heavy crosses to bare,
And I wish that your shoulders
Were broader.
While you were busy
Being every woman,
We just wanted you to be the old you,
The woman that we loved,
But we don’t get to choose
How another walks in their shoes.
I’ve been Saving All My Love
To pen this tribute,
As an ode to your life,
What you gave,
And what you lived through.
If this is your judgement day,
and you’re standing on the front line,
and the Lord asks you
what did you do with your life,
Please say,
that I tried to live it for you.


Dwayne Morgan


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