K’NAAN to Release EP, More Beautiful than Silence

January 19, 2012

Some newness on the horizon from K’NAAN, coming next week!

Critically acclaimed Hip Hop MC and singer-songwriter K’NAAN is set to debut his new five-song EP More Beautiful Than Silence on January 24.  The collection includes the single “Is Anybody Out There” featuring Nelly Furtado. More Beautiful Than Silence also contains “Nothing to Lose” with Nas and “Better”, produced by Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic. In addition to his EP, K’NAAN’s forthcoming album is set to be released in Spring 2012 with additional details to be announced in the coming weeks.

The dynamic five tracks featured on More Beautiful Than Silence will give fans a taste of the diverse sound that they have come to know the artist for, while highlighting the expansive sonic direction K’NAAN has explored writing and recording over the last year.

K’NAAN has already made a powerful mark on the global music world with his eloquent and thought-provoking lyrics. In the tradition of great folk singers and protest songs, K’NAAN has carved a new path that widens the traditional hip-hop music perspective. Winner of a multitude of awards, K’NAAN has collaborated with other artists in many capacities, including Keane, and Mos Def as well as Nas and Damian Marley’s Distant Relatives.

Check out his website at www.knaanmusic.com

More Beautiful Than Silence EP track listing:

Is Anybody Out There featuring Nelly Furtado
Nothing to Lose featuring Nas
More Beautiful Than Silence
Coming to America


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