I can’t make a list about dope emcees on the come up without adding Phoenix Pagliacci’s name to the mix.  Phoenix, is an artist that shouldn’t be slept on.  It’s no surprise that the real headz already know what’s good with her – just peep who did production and collabos on her album. It was released a few months ago, but it’s still buzz worthy, and I definitely consider her to be part of the next generation of Canadian emcees.

Part Jean Grae, part Lauryn Hill with sprinkles of Tara Chase (yes, I’m going there), Phoenix possesses the effortless attitude of Rah Digga with a verbal delivery that can be tender in one breath and aim for the jugular in the next.  She describes herself as a diamond in the rough, and I agree – listen closely and you can hear what’s about to take shape.  I liked the fact that she didn’t seem to afraid to push herself as an artist, and shows her feminine side while sweetly telling you that she’s not one to f*ck with. She keeps you on her toes, and although I’d LOVE to see more support from college radio on this one I hope that DJs and listeners get on board with her sooner, rather than later.  

The album features production by Bass Line, Merciless, Junia-T (Smash Brovaz), and collaborations with Miss G, Lola Bunz, LA, Erik Flowchild, PG, and more.

I probably can’t pronounce her name properly, but it’s definitely worth checking out these tracks to get a taste, and visit here to purchase the full release -> www.cdbaby.com/CD/phoenixpagliacci
War ft. Miss Gg. Lola Bunz & L.A. 

Illusion of Grandeur

If you’re asking where the female emcees are, clearly you haven’t checked Jane & Finch in Toronto.

Shouts out to my ladies at www.Bad-Perm.com for posting this last week, but I just had to share:

First, I was blown away by this all-female cypher and then totally inspired – I just had to put this sh*t on repeat.  Featuring Lola bunz, Rushiie Raw, Badas$ Bukk and Roots, this cypher shows the ladies completely tearing it up, more gutter and raw than A LOT of dudes I’ve heard lately. I’m really proud of the fact that even some of the toughest critics in the city are putting aside the typical T-Dot Screwface to acknowledge how dope each emcee truly is.

The video sparked something  just when I’ve been feeling the drain of 2011 starting to get to me.  Not a single low-cut/revealing top, crazy weave or gimmick to distract – you have no choice but to get slapped in the face with their lyrics and pay attention to what they’re saying.   I can’t wait to see what each of these ladies has in store for next year, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing and hearing more.

Yet another reason why I’m proud of my city.