[New Music] Jus Randy Releases Solo Album, InfoBahn

November 30, 2011

Having been part of this project from the beginning, it’s great to see the full concept become a reality. Congrats to Jus Randy on this one!!

(Toronto) Riding high on the successful double release of his singles “This Is War” and “Gud Mawning” featuring Ray Robinson, Jus Randy proudly releases his debut solo album, InfoBahn.

Carefully contructed, this album is Jus Randy’s first solo mission since leaving the Juno Award nominated, and widely respected group, BrassMunk. The name “InfoBahn” was chosen to make a social commentary on the use of digital communications, and how human culture has become personally disconnected with the present, and is in fact living in a virtual social media matrix. Through skillful wordplay, Jus Randy makes his commentary on this virtual matrix, and his role within it. The album contains lyrical food for thought for hip-hop fans, along with satirical skits and interludes.

Featuring production from Gameboy, JLBR Production/SweetSpot (France), the album also features collaborations with soulful vocalist Ray Robinson, J De Guvna and former Brass Munk member, Richie Hennessey. About this album, Jus Randy commented: “InfoBahn represents the basic foundation of hip-hop while containing the intelligent, lyrical content that allows listeners to be part of a journey and experience with me. I have so many experiences from life, so many stories to tell, so much knowledge to spread, so much living to do that it has translated into my musical growth”. Join Jus Randy on this musical journey, by clicking the download link or support this artist by purchasing the album, now available on iTunes and Amazon.com. The album track list is below.


Get Ready … Hip Hop Excellence is Back!

Track Listing for INFOBAHN

1. InfoBahn Intro

2. This Is War

3. Happy Endings

4. The Legend of Hliðskjálf

5. Hliðskjálf (It’s Too Damn Late)

6. Gud Mawning featuring Ray Robinson

7. Motherland/Bulawayo ft J De Guvna

**Yep! – Ntoks (Interlude)**

8. Problem child

9. Euphoria (Interlude)

10. Never Leave You…

11. I Will featuring Richie Hennessey

12. Sky Walk (Interlude)

13. Glory featuring Maccie Paqquette

14. Family Guy

15. What’s The Forecast?

16. Denouement


Missed the Video for Gud Mawning ft. Ray Robinson?
Peep it Below:

youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PILnGIrJtI

vimeo link: http://vimeo.com/32417000


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