Going Up? Theo3 + Tony Touch Bring New Meaning to Elevator Music

November 30, 2011

At this point, anyone who calls themselves a fan of hip hop and lives in Toronto, and doesn’t know who Theo3 is, should just walk off a cliff.  I know, that’s a little harsh, even for me, but this is one instance where it’s true.  He’s the dude that coined the term “Screwface Capital” (he wrote a song about it – like to hear it? Here it go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50wdFnZLFJE). He’s without a doubt one of the strongest lyricists I’ve ever met and I’m really pleased that he’s now getting the recognition he deserves on a bigger level.  He’s part MC, part radio host (Stylistik Endeavors | CIUT 89.5FM) , and part community superhero, and ALL DOPE!!


Theo3 (a.k.a. Theology3) has already gotten the co-sign from some of the industry’s most respected heavy weights (Primo, DJ Enuff, every DJ worth their salt in Canada) and is also a member of Freedom Writers….  On this mixtape, he teams up with the legendary Tony Touch to create Elevator Up.  No silly, it’s NOT elevator music, merely hip hop expression at its finest. Check out the video and peep the full deets below!

(As seen on www.kingofthedot.com)

For Immediate Release:
Sometimes hard work is simply the gateway to even more hard work. Occasionally there are moments of satisfaction in between that provide a much needed break from the continuous cycle of building momentum over and over again. We must revel in those moments no matter how sparse or instantaneous they may be. A difficult task when you’re in the thick of battle.


For critically acclaimed Toronto Emcee THEO3, the grind has never ceased. Consistently putting out cutting edge music, facilitating innovative community programs for youth and hosting the legendary Toronto radio show Stylistik Endeavors has allowed THEO3 zero moments of self congratulation aka the Barry Horowitz self pat on the back. With the much anticipated release of the brand new ELEVATOR UP mix cd, THEO hopes to change that for the better.

Teaming up with International Superstar DJ TONY TOUCH (Shade 45, 50 Emcee’s mixtapes) from New York City, THEO3 has finally succumbed to the notion of enjoying accomplishments and celebrating catalogue. With over 10 years of music to his credit, this special REVIEW TO PREVIEW mix cd lays it all out on the table from classic tracks to brand new compositions. Deftly mixed and hosted by DJ TONY TOUCH, the collection of songs presented is a seamless blend of certified fan favourites such as Snakes with DJ Serious and DJ Grouch (amazing reviews in HHC UK, Allhiphop.com, Exclaim, Pound) and newly minted progressive bangers like Money produced by DJ Fase (forming the group World Wide Side Project). Plus a Special Guest appearance you won’t want to miss!!! 18 Tracks in all!!!


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