Freedom Writers – For the Change

November 7, 2011

Nothing better than getting some love on a Monday morning from my Freedom Writers fam!! While many are still recovering from the smack down they put on the crowd on the Manifesto main stage last month, FW releases their first, and long awaited video – For the Change.  With all the “OCCUPY” movements going on around the world – FW lets you know why you should pay attention to what’s going on in your back yard, and DO something about it.  Peep the video — you’ll definitely see a cameo (or two) by some of your favorite T-Dot hip hop heads:

Change is a small word but a monumental action.

When you willingly take someone out of their comfort zone and question what is perceived as important, standard, reliable and safe…there’s no turning back from that decision.

The unprecedented buzz across the city of Toronto for Powerhouse Hip Hop collective THE FREEDOM WRITERS is largely due to the fact that each member flies in the face of conventional sounds and styles, maintaining a completely original approach to making music. The recent Dundas Square performance in downtown Toronto in front of 10,000 transfixed concertgoers was proof positive that something has to change, and change it will. With a groundswell of support from fans, media, radio and fellow artists, many of whom appear in the brand new FREEDOM WRITERS video “For the Change” directed by Big Sproxx, these 6 unique and talented artists are set to take the World by storm.

A hard hitting production layered with horns and an infectious bassline, “For the Change” features Emcees Tona, Adam Bomb, Progress, Frankie Payne and Theo3 weaving in and out with rapid fire flows that rise in intensity with every line. Produced by Big Sproxx, this showstopper that captivated thousands and stole the show on a bill with many notable International acts is now available for purchase STREAM and PURCHASE NOW!

Peep the BRAND NEW  FREEDOM WRITERS video “For the Change” with cameos from a who’s who of Toronto Hip Hop emcees, producers and DJ’s all showing support for this ‘unprecedented’ (in the words of Juno award winner Shad K) collective of Toronto Hip Hop artists. It’s time for a change… and that change starts now!


For more information on this phenomenal group (no bias!!) check out their website: 






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