Jus Randy Releases Video for “This Is War”

November 1, 2011

So, I gotta admit, as a DJ I rarely get as amped about an artist and their projects as I am about Jus Randy. More frequently than not, artists are more than ready to fill your ears with things they plan to do (oddly enough – without a plan!), which doesn’t always become a reality.  But when you work with an artist who is willing to walk the walk, it gives you an appreciation for artists and their journey, along with a special understanding of the drive an artist needs to get from Point A to Point B.

My opinion on Jus Randy is biased – we went to the same highschool, and I watched as he became one of the original members of the Juno-nominated group, Brass Munk, to the solo artist he is today. With the double release of his singles, Gud Mawning and This Is War, he’s gaining more and more popularity (and respect) as a solo artist, and it’s well-earned.  He drops his new video for This Is War TODAY, so I’m really excited for him!!! Check the little blurb below and then click the link to see the video!!

What does WAR mean to you?

Two nations battling for freedom? Two MCs going head-to-head in a cypher? Or possibly payback for a relationship gone down the tubes?  In his new full-length video, THIS IS WARJus Randy lyrically doesn’t pull any punches on the competition, while the visuals tell the familiar (and hilarious) story of a love gone wrong.  Check out the full-length video for THIS IS WAR HERE .
Toronto’s Jus Randy has been gaining popularity as a solo artist nationally and internationally since dropping two simulataneously released singles This Is War and Gud Mawning featuring Ray Robinson.  Though he’s no stranger to creating videos, THIS IS WAR marks his first as a solo artist.  Directed by Kevin JediFM” Barton (whose film/video credits include work withChuck Berry and Beenie Man) , the video is a great visual accessory for Jus Randy’s lyrical wordplay.  About working with Jus Randy, JediFM had this to say: “Jus Randy is the kind of artist directors love to work with. We discussed my initials thoughts on the concept and he trusted me enough to translate  This is War into something more amusing. JR is the kind of artist who doesn’t take himself too seriously and has fun with the art. This doesn’t take away from his professionalism and attention to details. It’s a quality other artists in hop-hop can draw inspiration from.”
Jus Randy, who is currently in the midst of a national radio tour, took time out to say this about the video:  “Shooting the video was a great and fun experience.  The visuals are just another example of what people get to feel and see as they get more familiar with my brand of music.”  The video is the ideal preparation for November 29th, 2011 when Jus Randy drops his highly anticipated mixtape/album InfoBahn

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Missed the track? You can now purchase it on

Remember to check out and “LIKE” Jus Randy’s FaceBook Page:  www.facebook.com/jusrandymusic


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