Goapele Wants to PLAY (New Video)

October 24, 2011

I’ve always had love for Goapele. She’s one of those amazingly talented artists who’s truly beautiful inside and out. If this was high school, hateration would be in full flex, but in real life, she’s so genuine you have no choice but show some love.  It’s been a while since we heard anything from her, but she’s back, giving her fans that sexy sound that we know and love her for.  Check out the details below and click the link to see her new video, PLAY…

Singer-songwriter Goapele broke out of Bay Area at the beginning of the last decade determined to make a difference in the world of music. Seamlessly blending genres while refusing to be limited by the “neo-soul” tag, this eloquent musician completed her first release Closer in 2001 and never looked back. Embraced from the beginning by critics and fans alike, Goapele carved the perfect niche for herself as she created music that fused jazz, soul, and hip hop with her own beautiful poetry. Not content to be merely another singer lost in the machine, Goapele’s follow-up recordings Even Closer (2002) and Change It All (2005) were released through major labels in conjunction with her own independent label Skyblaze.

“I like being more hands on when it comes to my music,” she says of the family-owned independent label. “Establishing Skyblaze allowed me to have a more direct connection with my business as well as the music.” While Rolling Stone magazine once called Goapele the “spiritual love child of Sade and D’Angelo,” her searing voice can be both sensuous and serious, often on the same song. After taking off six years from recording, Goapele has returned to the forefront of the music scene with Break of Dawn (dropping in October of this year), a collection of sophisticated songs dealing with love, loss, and all the life in between.

“One of my goals for the newest project Break of Dawn was to be more uninhabited,” Goapele says. “I came into this business as a young woman who wanted to be taken seriously for my music, but, now I’m more willing to share my sexiness as well. I realize that it’s possible to be both complex and provocative.” The new disc is both of these things and more. Featuring a diverse array of tracks ranging from the sleek and sexy “Play” to the heartfelt “Hush,” the release is a stunning testament to an artist embarking on an exciting new chapter of her already storied career.

Peep the video for PLAY right here:


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