[New Music] The Real Frequency Presents The New North

August 2, 2011

There’s no denying it – most DJs are highly competitive.  Over time there’s been real battles between competing DJs, radio shows and radio stations, and although the Real Frequency show was put squarely against DD Radio while it was on FLOW 93.5FM, we didn’t look at it that way…. most of the time lol. If anything we always saw the Real Frequency as extended family.   2 DJs (Inzane & P-Plus), one host (Arcee), and one Keezy made the Real Frequency one of the dopest shows on radio, period.

As cliche as it sounds, real does recognize real, and my favorite Freqs always did just that, by supporting the community and up and coming artists.  Although they’re no longer on the airwaves, the Freqs have been working on this album for a hot minute, and after a glance at who’s listed in the liner notes, you can see that they’re staying true to some of the elements that made The Real Frequency so freakin’ awesome.  The New North, which has been in the works for well over a year, is definitely worth the wait. Featuring collaborations from King Reign, Shad, Ayah, Via Linez, Sep, Adam Bomb, Andreena Mill, Richie Sosa, cuts from DJ Grouch and DJ Dopey, and production from Boi-1da, Rich Kidd, Tone Mason, Soundsmith, Lyve and more, this album is destined to be a classic.   Could this be the ‘Passage Through Time’ of this decade?  Take a listen and you be the judge….

Stand out tracks include No Regrets (Frankie Payne, Kardinal Offishall & Kim Davis), Change (JD Era), Watch Out (Theo3 and Mathematik), and the track that almost made me want to throw a chair while I listened to it in my headphones at the office, just because it got me THAT amped – Burn (Tona).  Um, career-limiting to say the least, but it’s that crazy.  

As much as I’d love to post a free download link, I can’t give away sh*t this good for free  – visit www.therealfrequency.bandcamp.com  or  iTunes and spend a few dollars on this album. Trust me, it will be money well spent!!

For more info on the full scope of the album, who’s on it and why, check out www.thenewnorth.ca


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