Mindbender Gives Some Food for Thought – Brokeback Gangsta

July 20, 2011

Q-Tip holds the mic as Mindbender goes INNNNN on a full verse from Can I Kick It during the Toronto Stop of the Bounce 2K Tour

I gotta admit – I kinda chuckled when I saw the title of this one. I mean, really — Brokeback Gangsta?? But when I saw it was from one of my favorite people in the hip hop universe, Mindbender, I paid attention.  For those who don’t know, Mindbender is a staple and a true supporter of hip hop, especially music from Canada. He’s the one who can be found in the front row of every concert, rhyming word-for-word along with the performer – very much like myself, he’s ultimately a true fan of the music. 

I often thought that hip hop was the final frontier when it comes to homophobia (of course, I was dead-wrong: I’m almost certain that dancehall wins the prize on that one). This song challenges fans of the genre, along with the artists and purists to realize that it’s 2011, get an open mind and accept people for who they are, not what they do behind closed doors.  Telling people to keep it all about the music may be easier said than done,  but if anyone can get people to change how they perceive things – it’s Mindbender.  

Peep the video
BROKEBACK GANGSTA. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3SVdmQDXbM

Message from Mindbender:

In this age of revolutionary redefinition of sexuality and identity on an individual and international level, our world is witnessing breakthroughs like never before on the frontiers of freedom and self-expression, in every dimension of life. But tragically, at the same time, our world has certainly not rid itself of the evils of homophobia, sexual oppression, bigotry, racism and general hate for anyone who is considered “the other”, whether gay/lesbian/transgendered/transsexual/bi-sexual/other. Do these even matter? Haven’t we achieved equal humanity yet? And if not, we work, we pray, we hope, and we never stop trying until we all get there… together. And in the wake of Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford declining an appearance at the one million strong Gay Pride Parade, we must face the fact that not everyone is as open-minded and accepting of all lifestyles and all peoples as… artists like Bryan Van Dusen of the design house Ghetto Panda (‘…Is Mann E Face’, ‘Don’t Try This At Home’, ‘Enter the Scorpion’) and Mindbender Supreme (member of the Supreme Being Unit, solo albums: ‘Jupiter’ produced by Rich Kidd, ‘Beautiful Mutant’, featuring Eternia, 4th Pyramid, Chuggo, etc.), the creators of this unprecedented musical declaration for peace and love for all: ‘Brokeback Gangsta’.

With the vision of video director Jarek Obsadny (‘Dance of Light’, ‘Into the Labyrinth’, ‘Cali Alone’ and ‘If You Wanna’) , this creative and aesthetic tour de force will undoubtedly impact every single set of eyes and ears that sees and hears it, whether positively or negative. It is as inevitable as good things coming from these two long time friends, BVD and Mindbender, who met up at In Divine Style during the nostalgic days of the mid-2000’s when Toronto hip hop kept itself alive with unbreakable will. Sharing an affinity for powerful stage performances, beautiful things in life, and spiritual and sexual freedom, Bryan and Addi “Mindbender” Stewart eventually decided to make a statement about why, a decade after the turn of the millennium, when humanity is supposed to be the most advanced and civilized ever, young homosexual boys in high schools still commit suicide, young lesbian girls are still terrorized and ostracized from their social circles, and various people from all walks of life and love and sex are shut out of a peaceful place to be, either silently or violently. This cannot continue. Until sexual phobias, discrimination, racism, and sexual violence of every kind is a thing of the past, we must speak up, we must heal ourselves, we must simply be part of the solution, instead of being part of the problem, which hip hop certainly is, at times…


— Adhimu Stewart aka Mindbender

Daily News/Music: www.mindbenderlovesyou.com  
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mindbendersupreme
Twitter: www.twitter.com/mindbendermind
Videos: www.youtube.com/mindbender999


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