Zo! Releases EP of Covers “…just visiting three”

July 12, 2011

It must just be a good day for good music, period!

He’s not Canadian but I wanted to share this one with folks who, like me, crave good music. I can’t remember how or when I first caught on to Zo! but I fell in love with his rendition of Africa (yes, by Toto!), and it’s been on like popcorn since!  This EP of covers would definitely qualify as good music for grown-ass people.  “…Just visiting three” is another release which just screams perfection for summer 2011, featuring Zo! remakes of some great tracks. Stand out tracks include Everything She Wants ft. Phonte. What could Zo! possibly have in common with George Michael? Take a listen and find out because I think they really do the song  justice with this . The entire EP makes me want to head straight for a patio with a Corona  and have this bumpin’ in the background.

Zo! collaborates with Phonte, Sy Smith and Erro (whoo hoo!!) among others, and it’s one that definitely should not be missed – peep the track listing below and download here: http://bit.ly/roaUsC


01. Black Cow feat. Phonte and Sy Smith
02. Let It Go feat. Nicholas Ryan Gant
03. Driving feat. Sy Smith
04. Marzipan feat. Eric Roberson and Phonte
05. Everything She Wants feat. Phonte
06. Same Ole Love feat. Jeanne Jolly
07. Playing Your Game, Baby feat. Anthony David

If you’re one of the lucky ones who are on a patio enjoying a cold one right now, remember to pour out a little for me!!! Enjoy….


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