Moka Only Gives You that “Skronk”

July 7, 2011

I know I post a lot of stuff from my city, but Vancity has always had its own unique scene that’s definitely worthy of recognition. I got the chance to interview Moka Only a few months ago and he confirmed what I already know – he’s not only a dope MC, with a passion for music and  but he’s a pretty dope person too, and that’s definitely reflected in what he creates for the masses 🙂

Peep the new track from Moka Only below – ENJOY!!

MOKA ONLY is back at it again with the second video from his album Airport. Following up the video’s Grab Grab Grab”, Live Vision brings you Skronk”.
Addicted to rhyming, Moka Only has steadily added to his hip-hop resume since his days of performing at house parties in Victoria, BC. Now a Vancouver mainstay, Moka has an impressive body of work to flaunt after countless collaborations with the likes of J Dilla, Aceyalone, MF Doom and more. Notable group projects include Swollen Members, Souls of Mischief and Living Legends.
Not only a passionate lyricist, Moka has also gained notoriety as a talented producer, and will offer his innovative production and talent through the Wandering Worx label. 
Check out the video –
Also feel free to download Moka Only’s press kit for more information:
Download Link:
Below is a list of Moka Only’s other links that you can check out for new content:
Twitter: – !/MOKA_ONLY

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