DJ Jazzy Jeff and Ayah: “Back For More” – Track List & New Single!

July 7, 2011

One of the most anticipated releases of the summer, Ayah & DJ Jazzy Jeff have released some more tidbits leading up to the official July 12th release of their collaboration.  I’ve been waiting anxiously for the full album since I heard the story of how the two connected on MySpace (See? Not everything online destroys the music industry!!).  They dropped the lead single a few weeks ago, and I just got this little teaser in my inbox so I thought I’d share. Peep the tracklist below and I’ll definitely keep you in the loop once the full project is released next Tuesday (T-Minus 5 days….)

DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah got together to talk careers, their personal lives and Back For More. Here is Episode 2 of the Q & A session between soul music’s hottest new collaborators!  And they are giving away yet another single, Make It Last.  This feel good tune, with it’s soulful melody, is included on the full project.  Back for More  also features appearances from Sugar Tongue Slim (STS) and Toronto MC Tona.  Look for this music lovers masterpiece to be available for FREE DOWNLOAD on July 12th!

Watch DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah Q & A Sessions Ep 2 
(filmed and edited by Jimmy Giambrone):

Download Make It Last (NEW SINGLE):
Back for More – Track Listing
1. Press Play
2. Back For More
3. Notorious
4. One Life Ft Tona
5. Hold On
6. Make It Last
7. Forgive Me Love
8. Tables Turn
9. Maybe We Can Just (Ft STS)
10. Telephone
11. Baby
12. The Game (SOMEBODIES)
13. Be Alright


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