[New Music] Freedom Writers – Arizona Bay ft. Franz Thomas

July 5, 2011

As always, shouts out to Freedom Writers for doing things proper!! New joint from FW ft. Franz Thomas.

“Water levels rise hire more cops, Lord of the flies Piggies on top, a wolf in disguise eats from the flock, the Revolution’s televised see it on FOX.” — Franz Thomas

“Olympics got money and so did G20 but when it comes to feed the hungry they ain’t got none.” — Adam bomb

“Crime makes money, justice moves slow, jobs get lost, jails overflow” — Frankie Payne

Toronto —  “Arizona Bay” featuring Franz Thomas is the latest diverse, powerful and out of the box assault from the FREEDOM WRITERS collective. It touches on the historical myths of Freedom and Democracy and how they are perpetuated in today’s climate. Thought provoking, nonpartisan and often shocking, The Freedom Writers deliver an intricate, and bold rhyme pattern that is backed by an eerie soundtrack creating the perfect blend courtesy of “FW” colleague, producer and engineer Big Sproxx.

Whether it’s war, 9-11, Haiti, Hurricane Katrina, The G20, Police Brutality, Government deception, slavery, poverty, the Prison and Judicial systems, the media or the fluctuating price of oil, there is no topic “too touchy” for the Freedom Writers to expose in “Arizona Bay”.

Check out the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZKfibNgrgw  | http://vimeo.com/25943425 — Video- shot, directed, and edited by Big Sproxx.

As if that isn’t enough for ya, Theo3 gets in on it too:   http://theology3.bandcamp.com/track/theo3s-canada-day


DJ Pack- Waves: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZOXTI27A

DJ Pack -MP3’s 320k: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ARPG2DP1

Artwork- Gusto for Genius Labs.





Mailing List, Buy Shirts, DJ drops and Interviews: freedomwritersmusic@gmail.com

Show Bookings: Basetone@gmail.com

Videos Inquiries- Sproxx16@gmail.com

twitter.com/FranzThomas    |    facebook.com/franz.thomas


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