Freedom Writers do Tribute to Gil Scott Heron

June 3, 2011

On Wednesday May 27th 2011 the world lost one of the most critical, significant voices in recent history. Gil Scott Heron was not only a poet, musician and cultural pioneer, but he was an artistic freedom fighter and aspiring revolutionary. His words were the soundtrack of the push for transformative change and African liberation. The sound of his voice will forever stir up imagery within us of the active resistance and self- determination synonymous with the Liberation movement of the 60’s and 70’s. In this Gil Scott Heron tribute, appropriately titled ‘The Revolution will not be Televised’, Freedom Writers Frankie Payne and Tona offer lyrical wisdom, flow and timing placed in between excerpts from Gil Scott Heron’s classic original version. The track is produced by Big Sproxx, who also directed the video.

Our hearts and minds go out to the family and friends of our fallen hero, as we wish them peace while they mourn his passing. His epic impact on life and culture will not be forgotten.






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