Ayah Speaks from the Heart on ‘When It Comes To You’

June 2, 2011

Toronto-based songstress extraordinaire, Ayah, had my ear from when I first heard her track ‘Fallen’. I think I came across her on MySpace (remember that? Lol), and I’ve been a fan ever since – similar to the legendary Jazzy Jeff!  Ayah and Jeff have a collaboration in the works that I’ve been beyond anxious to get my hands on, but they released a little something over the Christmas to keep ya toasty until the final project is released. 
In the meantime, Ayah returns with a little something to get us through these last days of spring with the soulful jam “When It Comes To You.” Produced by Nick Brongers (Recovery, Thank Me Later), the song is ’70s retro but sounds totally modern with Ayah singing to a man who is driving her to drink (I can relate). The chune immediately reminds me of the movie Crooklyn, because it has that overall feel-good vibe to it.  I got the track less than an hour ago and I’m already on repeat #8!! Loving it…
And as for that album with Jazzy Jeff, Ayah says to check for This Way,  coming out later this summer, along with a mixtape, entitled Back For More, on the way later this summer. YAY!! I couldn’t ask for a better birthday present than some excellent music!   

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