Who Is SepTO? Take a Peek and Find Out….

May 31, 2011

A co-sign from Hip Hop finest (Wio-K from Scarborough!), means you’re A-OK in my books. The proof is definitely in the pudding on this one. Don’t sleep on this one!! For more information check out www.whoissep.com

Sep (or SepTo; the T.o. is for Toronto) has been a looming presence in T-Dot’s music scene for quite some time. Honing his craft since childhood, guided and influenced by some of Toronto’s most significant contributors to Hip-Hop. Known for his aggressive lyrical style and subject matter, Sep has become a well-respected entity within Toronto’s urban scene.

Allergy Pills and Alcohol (also referred to as Who Is Sep) functions as Sep’s highly anticipated first impression to the masses. Intended for release on May 29/11, Allergy Pills and Alcohol will feature artists like Sadat X, Rich Kidd, Grimace Love, Slakah the Beatchild, Black Cat and Korry Deez [of IRS], Wio-K and more. Features aside, following its release, Allergy Pills and Alcohol (Who Is Sep) will undoubtedly speak for itself.

Take a listen or download HERE


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