Brand New Music: THEO3 and SCAM – LOVE (Close Enough)

May 5, 2011


THEO3 and SCAM – LOVE (Close Enough) 320kb
THEO3 and SCAM – LOVE (Close Enough) 320kb
8 Bar Edit (Stream & Download)
The International buzz single from two of Toronto’s finest Hip Hop artists!
(TORONTO) — Legendary Toronto producer and DJ, SCAM (Dear Hip Hop, About to Change, Power Move show), has always elevated his sound and style with every new project he’s been a part of. From the gritty, street inspired tales of Concrete Mob to the eclectic, true school chops of Thrust, SCAM has laid an incredibly diverse foundation for aspiring producers in the Canadian Hip Hop scene. With his brand new partnership, SCAM has tapped crowd favourite and internationally respected MC THEO3 (How I Flow Part 2, It’s Theo3) who brings his own unique flow and style into the mix. THEO3, fresh off the success of How I Flow part 2 on Much Music and Flow 93.5fm coupled with the humbling accolades from Sirius and WNYU mainstay DJ Eclipse, has managed to tip toe the line between head nodding Hip Hop and wider appeal. The two couldn’t h ave met at a better time and the sound scapes emanating from the Time Bandits Music laboratories are set to smash the boundaries and push the limits beyond the average 16 bar verse and 3 minute song.
With the brand new buzz single LOVE (Close Enough), THEO3 and SCAM play a game of back and forth as the rapid fire lyrics blend over an ever-changing composition taking the listener on an unforgettable ride of intense emotions. From one night stands to wedding bands and everything in between, THEO3 delves into the subject of LOVE and its frustrating, rewarding, time-consuming and character building twists and turns. In the end, if you can’t be happy with yourself then how can you really seek to please someone else, it’s a message that resonates with anyone who’s ever navigated the rocky landscape of relationships. This song is sure to connect with audiences everywhere and inspire mass sing a longs to the infectiously catchy chorus.
Play it loud, Play it often & Enjoy the ride.
It’s just getting started!
Artist Info:
Graphic Design: Ilango

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