Logik Dat Lad Teaches Some New School Cool

April 29, 2011

New School Cool is Logik Dat Lad’s debut EP – I’m SOOOOOO loving the artwork on the cover!!!!  Available now for download at LogikDatLad.com, the project is fresh, playful and seductive. Somewhere between the poetic tendencies of Lupe Fiasco and the witty brashness of Wiz Khalifa is New School Cool and Logik Dat Lad.

“If I did this right, it’ll get you ready for a party, give you something to think about and at the same time, leave you wanting more from me,” says Logik.

Recorded over the last year, the majority of the EP is produced by Rich Kidd and quite simply sounds like a good time. The eclectic list of features also includes The Mad Poet, Rochelle Jordan, Flex, King Cut & Duch Dillinger.

Lead by 2010’s single “Break A Sweat,” each song on New School Cool competes for a rewind. The diversity of sounds collectively creates a vibrant, ambitious, energy that mirrors Logik’s personality. Logik invites you to take a chance on him as a new artist and experience his side ofcool.

For more information please contact press@cutthroatent.com


One Response to “Logik Dat Lad Teaches Some New School Cool”

  1. This is sick. loving the feedback. real hiphop is alive and well in Toronto. Logik Dat Lad is living proof

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