New Music: Reema Major – Ghetto Kids

April 22, 2011

Toronto based Reema Major is one of the most talked about young MCs to come out of the city in a minute.  She had her first radio interview on DD Radio last year (yes – I gotta stake the claim that we were first!! LOL), and completely wow’d the audience at last year’s Honey Jam performance.  The fact that she’s been the buzz word on the lips of DJs, trendsetters and industry legends such as Gene Simmons (yes, THAT Gene Simmons) only adds to that mystique.  Her whole style, aura and stage presence further proves that she has a pretty smart team working with her – shouts out to G7!

When I heard the track was called Ghetto Kids I immediately thought it was a song about my childhood (don’t judge), but Reema’s spit is pretty tight considering she hasn’t even hit her Sweet 16 (which would be a dope name for a track – just putting it out there).  I kinda cringed when she said the line about puffing Century Sams in the crib, but overall Ghetto Kids can definitely hold its own against just about any club track on the radio.

Let’s face it, if she’s this sick now and she’s ONLY 15 years old, you’d better get ready for a MAJOR takeover over the next few years (or less!)….  If you haven’t gotten up to speed with Reema – get to work!! Peep the link for the mixtape for Reema Major’s 15 Going on 25 and find out why this chick should NOT be slept on.  Enjoy the new track…

Reema Major – Ghetto Kids


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