Adam Bomb Dedicates New Release to “My People”

April 19, 2011

 If you work at a bullsh*t day job like several artists and DJs on the grind, it’s great when you finally get some recognition, and know that you’re appreciated. This goes out to all the people with ambition and purpose!!  Shouts to Adam Bomb for delivering more fire and if you’ve been sleeping on this MC -> WAKE UP!!  I heard through the grapevine that he has some pretty big collabo joints coming up.  Big ups to the Freedom Writers Collective… big tings soon come!!

“My Full Timers, Part Timers, 9 to 5’ers, All Nighters, Never let em make you think that you’re second class MY PEOPLE!”

– Adam Bomb

In every job there is honour, no matter how grand or menial the task. Some employers will attempt to twist this concept into their own desired outcomes and needs, but as a general thought this rings true for millions of people who undertake their daily work each day, all year round, unfailingly. With his Brand New release ‘My People‘, Toronto based emcee and Freedom Writers/Empire member Adam Bomb celebrates the resilience, dedication and heart possesed by workers in all walks of life. From the ticket takers in movie theatre lobbies to the nurses in overcrowded hospitals, everyone is on a path to progression even if their current job is just a stepping stone to greater things.

As an emcee, a job that hordes of aspiring artists apply for each year, there are certain roles and responsibilities one must fulfill. Being original, creative and fearless top that list and Adam Bomb has consistently raised the bar with unbelievable flows, infectious hooks and thought provoking content for the masses. Having the support of your peers is also a qualification and with a growing list of notables including Canadian Hip Hop legend Maestro Fresh Wes, FLOW 93.5fm radio host Mastermind and Polaris prize nominee D Sisive onboard, Bomb is reaching new heights wih each new endeavour. Lastly and most importantly, an emcee must have the confidence and trust of THE PEOPLE and citing the International success of Bombs’ latest releases ‘Wasted Talent’ and ‘Make Good Music’ (youtube hits in the tens of thousands) its clear that the 5th letter fam and Freedom Writers collective all star Adam Bomb is a Full Time, fully certified representative of THE PEOPLE!

Adam Bomb’s newly minted WASTED TALENT cd is now available for purchase featuring some of ‘the legend’s’ most memorable tracks such as ‘The balance’ produced by Platinum selling beatsmith 40 (Drake, Sade, Jay Z) and the crowd favourite ‘Wasted Talent’ banged out by fellow Freedom Writers collaborator Big Sproxx of Proletarian music. Fresh off of the jam packed release party in Toronto, Adam Bomb is continuing work on his next solo project and steadily penning classics for the debut LP of critically acclaimed Toronto Hip Hop collective, the Freedom Writers. Possessing a CEO flow with a hard hat mentality, it’s not hard to see why Adam Bomb is one of the most sought after artists in Canadian Hip Hop. The people have spoken.

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