Frankie Payne ft. Andreena Mill – Raining in Toronto

April 6, 2011

One of my fav T-Dot lyricists and 1/5 of the acclaimed Freedom Writers crew, Frankie Payne (a.k.a. Jugganaut) goes in on this one, alongside the lovely and mad talented Andreena Mill. Peep it!!

Who are we? Why are we here? How do we survive?

We all struggle over these questions. Trying to find ourselves, our purpose! In this way we are connected. Everyone has a different path. It’s just that all paths are going in the same direction. All of the things that separate us are illusions. Colour, demographics, belief, these are only surface reflections of the true source of our division. The imaginary difference between rich, and poor. There are two worlds, two realities. One will never touch the other and the other will have unlimited access to both. Because in a rich mans reality, for the wrong choice he might face disgrace, embracement, or maybe punishment. But in a poor Mans world, for the wrong choice he will face death, hunger, and imprisonment. We all understand this, even if we don’t acknowledge it, more then many of us are ready to die for a chance to access an untouchable, unrealistic, reality.

Once again Frankie Payne is back with an emotionally charged hard hitting masterpiece of unprecedented detail, Raining in Toronto. Featuring the soulful sultry Voice of Andreena Mill, Frankie Payne delivers a true description of everyday events happening in the hood and how the affect us all. Following the huge success of “My Life” (featuring Saukrates) and the ever growing buzz of the Freedom Writers Collective, Frankie Payne wanted to re-introduce this classic tale showcasing his clever, visually inspiring lyrics and legendary story telling ability. Over a powerful and moving musical composition, courtesy of Snaz (Andreena Mill “la la la”, French Montana, Dame Grease etc.) and with clever, well thought out visual concepts courtesy of Jason Gosbee (Second place winner of the youtube International Film competition, White Collar Criminals, OMG (TV Movie). Frankie Payne takes us on a journey through the ghettos of Toronto, Capturing the emotions, and realities of the people who live and breathe them. Raining in Toronto stands as a metaphor representing the depression, and oppression, that can only be understood if experienced. Because this where hope is born. The same places where bullets fly and mothers cry. Because we  don’t  have  to die!


Raining in Toronto Official Video – Frankie Payne  Feat. Andreena Mill Watch  the VIDEO:

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