Scarborough Keeps It FRESH! Fresh Fest Takes Over the Borough

September 7, 2010


If you know me at all, you already know how hard I rep for Scarborugh and always have. How can I not? It’s the borough that so many talented MCs, Producers, DJs and Artists now or at some point called home (from Maestro to Rich Kidd to Choclair to Monolith), and it’s no accident that it’s known throughout the city of Toronto as ‘The Borough Most Thorough’

Scarborough Fresh Fest, presented by YOUnited Neighbourhoods Festivals aims to redefine Scarborough and their Youth by showcasing and celebrating the cultural and artistic wealth they contribute to the city of Toronto.   The event will take place over 4 days and will feature a multitude of activities including: The Fresh Fashion Film & Art Expo, the Battle of the Freshest Dance contest, Subtext Multi Arts festival and the popular Scarborough Fresh Fair celebration of Youth, Urban Arts & Culture.  Over the 4-day span of the festival, spectators will experience the talents of  Scarborough-based fashion designers, visual artists, b-girls and b-boys and the music of Tona, Ayah, Kim Davis, Smash Brovaz, Rich Kidd, A-Game and many, many more!  The festival kicks off Thursday September 9th at The Civic Centre (150 Borough Drive) with The Fashion Phoenix, with the vibe provided by none other than yours truly (wink-wink)!!  The festival is not-to-be missed and is the perfect lead in to the world renown Manifesto Festival. Questions?? Hit up the awesome people organizing the fantastic (and much needed) event at .



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