Colin Munroe – One (Sky Ferreira Revox)

September 7, 2010

Never mind I’ve been trying to get him on DD Radio for ages – that just means that he’s busy in the studio, no doubt – but Colin Munroe is already one of my favourite vocalists to come out of Canada in a minute.  He stole my heart with the hook on Faster with Slum Village (released earlier this year on e1), and I’ve done so many remixes of his rendition of Flashing Lights, it’s enough to leave you cross-eyed!!  He’s now teasing his fans with the first installment from a new project he’s working on called The Revox Suite – REVOX = re-vocalization or his version of a remix, get it?? It’s essentially a series of remixes using (basically) only his voice – NICE!!  The first release is a “revox” of Sky Ferreira’s single, “One”.  

It’s available for download  for a limited time only via  Take a listen and enjoy!!


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