Rich Kidd Hits His Boiling Point

August 4, 2010

The only way you could NOT have heard of Rich Kidd is if you’ve been literally hiding under a rock for the last few years.  Having already worked with the likes of Saukrates, K-os, Drake, Mindbender,  Smash Brovaz, Colin Munroe and more, he’s been bubbling under the surface for a while, but over the past few months he’s exploded and has truly become a monster.  He seems to have the Midas Touch and I’m sure is currently being hounded by MCs and vocalists from all corners of the country and beyond.  Everything he puts out is pure fire – if you made it out to the release party for On Some Rich Kidd Sh*t Vol 4, then you already know!!  This collabo is no different –> so when I heard Rich was going to tackle and re-do one of the most classic tracks in Toronto hip hop history (no exaggeration), Boiling Point by Concrete Mob produced by Scam, I wasn’t skeptical at all because I know he has that fire to make it work and take it to another level. And after taking a listen, I wasn’t disappointed either!  Peep the link to take a listen – it’s just a teaser, the full DJ Pack to follow soon, I’m sure — and check back story below for Scam’s perspective on this project….  

Rich Kidd – Boiling Point 2010 (TEASER)


I remember working with Rich at my spot, it was the second or third time we had hooked up. 

Rich just had just recorded Ridin’ Solo so we were chilling and vibing, I started going through beats.

I got through a few and Boiling Point came on…Rich simply said “keep it on this for a bit”…I obliged…turned up the volume, left the studio to go upstairs to tend to the slow simmering spaghetti sauce….  Came back downstairs after about 10 minutes with more ice for the McGillicuddy’s and he was ready to record…. Rich ran through his verse a few times and nailed it on the third or fourth take.
I was floored…It was on!!!
I knew from that moment on that Rich Kidd is the truth.
I produced Boiling Point back in 94 and trust me I’ve heard a lot of verses from many MC’s being spit over the Boiling Point instrumental over the years.
The original by Concrete Mob is a Canadian classic, but when I heard Rich go in on Boiling Point that day…he made it official in my mind…Rich is the cornerstone of the Toronto hip hop movement that has so many eyes on it right now.  He spits like no one I’ve heard
His beats are some of the best coming of this beautiful city of ours.
And if you were at the recent Rich Kidd show last week…you really know what’s up!!
It’s simple
Just listen & pay attention…
I always say that the music will speak for itself
This is just a teaser…more where this came from.

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