FYI Monthly Showcase Launches New Website

July 30, 2010

A new and exciting monthly showcase with Musiklee Inzane providing the vibe for the night.  Featuring artists with loads of talent to spare, Dwayne and the FYI team have the uncanny ability of being able to pick those performers we’ll be talking about a year down the road.  Contact for details on how to audition or just check out the newly launched website at – read below for all the details! 

TORONTO – July 2010 – The monthly FYI Showcase at Harlem Restaurant has just launched a website to keep artists, supporters, and Toronto’s urban music community motivated to follow their instincts. The new site——will feature news, reviews, information, and opportunities for urban artists in the city who are dedicated to contributing to Toronto’s growing urban music infrastructure. 

The FYI Showcase launched in February at Harlem (67 Richmond Street East). FYI regularly features the best of Canada’s emerging urban artists with live instrumental accompaniment by the 4-piece Movement Band; the next show, scheduled for Thursday, July 29th, will now include the following new segments:

Early Jugglin’ – artists who miss the opportunity to audition for the main show warm up the stage before the opening and feature performances

 3 Words – lyricist Sep takes 3 random words from the FYI Showcase audience, and works them into an original freestyle.

FYI is open to urban artists, vocalists, and rappers, who have auditioned for Dwayne Dixon, Vice President of The Urban Music Association of Canada (UMAC), and the FYI team including DJ Musiklee Inzane from The New Flow 93.5fm, Linkage Movement Inc. Vice President Candice Dixon, and Kya Publishing founder, Stacey Marie Robinson. 

“The new FYI website will be the link that Toronto’s urban music community needs to share their talent with each other, and with music lovers across Canada and internationally,” said Linkage Movement Inc. Program Facilitator, Kirt Milligan. “The website is interactive, and will feature artist information, information about the showcase, and resources for artists to improve their performance, enhance their careers, and assist in building a strong urban music community in the city.”

Linkage Movement Inc. is excited to launch and anticipates that it will be a beneficial tool and networking agent for urban musicians.

 “There is so much extraordinary talent in this city; we want to ensure that the artists have an opportunity, a receptive audience, and a great venue to shine in,” said Dwayne Dixon. “Harlem Restaurant is at the cutting-edge of Toronto’s urban culture, and provides the perfect ambience for well-rooted urban musicians. These artists deserve the opportunity to share their talents with their peers, and promote their strengths in the international urban community. FYI is dedicated to supporting these artists and the music industry with this regular event, and now also with


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