The Canz: Life After Graduation

July 28, 2010

Shouts out to DJ Fa$e for this one.

All I had to see was the collabo with JD Era to give it a listen – and it was worth it!! The CanZ is a brother duo out of ATL now signed to Toronto-based Black Market Music Group Inc., the same label as JD Era.  The new mixtape, hosted by Mick Boogie, is clearly influenced by one Mr. West — can’t you tell by the cover??  Anyway the lead single “World Famous” feat. Era and a very high-pitched Danay Mariney on the chorus (maybe I just haven’t enough coffee yet), had enough juice to get me to want to hear more.  Peep the official word from the label and take a listen to the link at the bottom:


The CanZ are preparing to release their new mixtape “Life After Graduation” on August 4th 2010. Hosted by Mick Boogie and Terry Urban, this project is Black Market Music Group approved and presented to you by   Do your ears a favor and make sure check it out!

Hailing from ATL this dynamic duo of brothers, have hooked up with several others in the industry to bring you the follow-up to “The Slow Rise” mixtape that they released less than a year ago. In addition to being hosted by 2 of the industry’s best, “Life After Graduation” features some newcomers and other talented acts such as JD Era, Jarren Benton, Embassy Music Board, Aleon Craft and more! On this conceptual project The CanZ, along with their guests, are rhyming over classic instrumentation and putting their own rhymes on top of 10 hit tracks from both Biggie and Kanye West. 

 Coming out of Atlanta, but far from just local, these jet setters have rocked stages from Accra to Amsterdam and London to Los Angeles. The energy and dynamic stage presence they bring to the game has made the CanZ a fan favorite at shows, and they bring the party with them where ever they go. They can rock with Ricky Ross, get the crowd going for T.I. and Gucci Mane or spit lyrics before Talib Kweli.

The two brothers, Prominent and The Foster Child, were born in Ghana and as young men growing up they knew music was their future. While it isn’t always an easy journey, the slow rise to the top will prove to be the lasting one for the determined pair. The quicker you go up, the quicker you come down but The CanZ are built for the long haul.

For more info check out and click the link to take a listen: 



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