Sound Battle Royale — Round 2!

July 14, 2010

Shouts out to Fran for this one!  I was gonna wait and post the the results after Friday’s Battle, but the trailer is so dope I just had to put something up right away!  Round 2 contestants include:

1. 2oolman
2. Relic
3. Memorecks
4. DJ Cypha
5. Elaquent aka EQ
6. B.I.A.S.
7. Bix
8. Peter Project

The first one was insane and was extremely entertaining — Fresh Kils reigns supreme as the winner of Round 1. Even one of the esteemed judges, Rich Kidd said it exceeded his expectations during an interview on this week’s edition of DD Radio. Don’t miss out! Hosted by Junia-T, I’ll be on the 1s and 2s that night.  Judges include Tone Mason and Rich Kidd.  Check out the trailer and go to the website for some info on the challenge and contestants –



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